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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 47 / Summer 2007)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

The Energy-Efficient Supply Chain
by Peter Parry, Joseph Martha, and Georgina Grenon
How to reduce energy consumption and carbon output in procurement, production, and distribution.
Making Offshore Engineering Pay Off
by Anil Verma and Serge Lambermont
How some companies send design work overseas without fear of diminished quality or intellectual property theft.
Services in Search of True Marketing ROI
by Joni Bessler, Steven Treppo, and Ashok Notaney
Service industries -- including financial services, health care, utilities, and telecom -- have access to vast consumer data, but lack the tools that most consumer goods companies use to understand customer behavior.
Barclays’ Global Acceleration
by John Varley
How one global bank successfully transformed itself.
Health Meets Wealth
by Joni Bessler, Susanne Leisy, and Sanjay Saxena
How health care and financial services can converge to revolutionize employee benefits.
Why Wait for Trouble?
by Kenneth W. Freeman
Answering three vital questions can help keep the turnaround specialists away.
Nondestructive Creation
by Glenn Hubbard
Nobel laureate Edmund Phelps says that Joseph Schumpeter was wrong: Entrepreneurship can generate stable growth.
The Ignorance of Crowds
by Nicholas G. Carr
The open source model can play an important role in innovation, but know its limitations.
The Era of the Inclusive Leader
by Chuck Lucier, Steven Wheeler, and Rolf Habbel
As turnover levels off, our annual CEO succession study shows chief executives and their boards adopting new survival strategies.
The Empty Boardroom
by Thomas Neff and Julie Hembrock Daum
CEOs, the most desirable board members, are now in short supply. And that’s good news.
Two Paths to Mastery
by Art Kleiner
Win-Win Sourcing
by Bill Jackson and Michael Pfitzmann
The most effective procurement model fosters knowledge sharing, not mistrust.
Innovation Agility
by Kevin Dehoff and John Loehr
The most versatile product development programs focus on essentials.
Howard Gardner Does Good Work
by Lawrence M. Fisher
The originator of multiple intelligence theory prescribes a code of ethics for business.
Gary Pisano: The Thought Leader Interview
by Amy Bernstein
A leading student of the biotech business describes the problems holding the industry back, and how it can overcome them.
Chronicling the Future
by Jonathan Weber
The swift pace of change makes understanding Silicon Valley a daunting task. Here are resources that can help.
Books in Brief
by David K. Hurst
Ideas that take hold, how strategy can lead to failure, rebounding from career failure, and AIG under Hank Greenberg.
Recent Research
by Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer
On remanufactured products, inaccurate forecasts, misunderstood meetings, and more.
The Best Laid Plans...
by Bruce Feirstein


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