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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 49 / Winter 2007)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Manufacturing’s “Make or Break” Moment
by Kaj Grichnik and Conrad Winkler
Reshaping global manufacturing.
A Sustainable Position
by William J. Holstein
The role of the newest member of the C-suite: the chief sustainability officer.
Web-Based Apps: A Strategic View
by Rodrigo Fontecilla and Steve Wardell
The advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing for corporations.
How to Help Your Successor Succeed
by Nathan Bennett and Stephen A. Miles
Building the leadership bench helps to protect corporate interests.
Military of Millennials
by Art Fritzson, Lloyd W. Howell Jr., and Dov S. Zakheim
The next generation of soldier: tech savvy, open-minded, multitasking, and perhaps unprepared for command-and-control.
Shall I Compare Thee to an Andy Grove?
by Harriet Rubin
In a world of princes and apprentices, the performance of Shakespeare’s plays can release your inner king or queen.
The Community Network Solution
by Karen Stephenson
In reweaving the social fabric of a city or town, relationships trump rank.
The Google Enigma
by Nicholas G. Carr
Should innovation-minded managers look at the fast-growing Internet company as a model — or an anomaly?
A Blueprint for Strategic Leadership
by Steven Wheeler, Walter McFarland, and Art Kleiner
How to build an organization in which executives will flourish.
The Dance of Power
by Sally Helgesen
Richard Strozzi-Heckler teaches military and business decision makers how to build the muscle and fluency of leadership.
The Customer Connection: The Global ­­­Innovation 1000
by Barry Jaruzelski and Kevin Dehoff
Booz Allen Hamilton’s annual study of the world’s largest corporate R&D spenders finds two primary success factors: aligning the innovation model to corporate strategy and listening to customers every step of the way.
Best Business Books 2007
by Ann Graham
Best Business Books 2007: s+b's Top Shelf
Best Business Books 2007: Innovation
by Michael Schrage
Humbling the Ambitious
Best Business Books: Strategy
by David Newkirk
Planning for Uncertainty
Best Business Books: Biotech
by Joe Flower
Worth the Risk?
Best Business Books: Capitalism
by Diane Coyle
Schumpeter’s  Legacy
Best Business Books: The Entrepreneurs
by Tom Ehrenfeld
Startup Memories
Best Business Books: Behavioral Theory
by Howard Rheingold
How We Know and Why We Act
Best Business Books: Human Capital
by R. Gopalakrishnan
An Appetite for Effectiveness
Best Business Books: Biography
by James O’Toole
Life Lessons
The Thought Leader Interview: Bill George
by Amy Bernstein
There’s no single path to authentic leadership, says the former Medtronic chief executive. We must all discover our own.
Recent Research
by Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer
On catching malfeasance, improving boards, priming brands, predicting negotiations, and appreciating e-mail.
The Tracks of My Tears
by Bruce Feirstein


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