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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 52 / Fall 2008)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

The Rise of the New Blue Chips
by Gerald Adolph and Justin Pettit
Competitive companies from emerging economies are vying on the same level in mergers with the most powerful corporations in the West.
Web Sales with a Human Touch
by Edward H. Baker
Bringing personalized service to e-commerce consumers.
Tracking the Elusive Consumer
by John Jullens and Gregor Harter
Consumer choice modeling can help companies improve their market share by offering a better understanding of consumer preferences.
Hierarchies for Flow and Profit
by Brian Dive
When an organizational design is working, people feel happy and fulfilled and the business runs smoothly.
A Talent for Talent
by Richard Rawlinson, Walter McFarland, and Laird Post
In facing business complexities, a robust and creative human capital plan could be your most effective strategy.
The Real Value of Intangibles
by Denise Caruso
There is no accepted standard for appraising the worth of nonphysical assets like brands, human capital, and managerial expertise. Yet these are the essence of 21st-century business.
The Case for Hands-on Education
by Kathryn D. Sullivan
To compete in science and technology, a former astronaut says, schools must augment rote learning with exploration and experimentation.
P&G’s Innovation Culture
by A.G. Lafley
How we built a world-class organic growth engine by investing in people.
Design for Frugal Growth
by Jaya Pandrangi, Steffen Lauster, and Gary L. Neilson
With the right kind of organization, you can expand while cutting costs.
The Unique Advantage
by Alexander Kandybin and Surbhee Grover
To succeed in a mature industry like consumer products, the trick isn’t being first — it’s being hard to copy.
Smarter Medicine
by Michael V. Copeland
How the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revolutionized the way vaccines are delivered.
Tea and Empathy with Daniel Goleman
by Lawrence M. Fisher
The author of Emotional Intelligence says business leaders will need greater interpersonal awareness in an era of corporate transparency.
Fulvio Conti: The Thought Leader Interview
by Art Kleiner
The CEO of Europe’s second-largest utility says that energy companies must adapt in a fast-changing global marketplace.
Managing to See
by Tom Ehrenfeld
How visual tools and techniques help managers lead with the whole brain.
Books in Brief
by David K. Hurst
Why financial markets are brittle, companies stop growing, Ryanair took off, and plans succeed or fail.
Recent Research
by Georgia Flight
On the appeal of logos, the impact of downsizing, the contagiousness of crisis, and the value of IT.
Only the Lonely
by Bruce Feirstein


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