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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 53 / Winter 2008)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Handicapping the Energy Shift
by Eric Spiegel and Neil McArthur
Six myths that affect the move away from the carbon-intensive fuels and technologies of the past.
Growing Pains in Vietnam
by Dennis J. Meseroll and Kendall K. Turner
For the past five years, foreign direct investment in Vietnam has surged, which has brought good news and bad to the country.
The Eco IT Solution
by Hugo Trepant, Gavin Chow, and Edward H. Baker
IT departments can generate understanding of the impact of products on the environment.
The Metric behind the Slogan
by Michael Schrage
Creating new ways to measure success.
How to Win by Changing the Game
by Cesare Mainardi, Paul Leinwand, and Steffen Lauster
Investing in a capabilities-driven strategy will equip your company for growth in uncertain times.
Supplier Empowerment and the Bottom Line
by Tim Laseter and Greg Fairchild
When you adapt your sourcing strategy to a more diverse world, everybody benefits.
Stand by Your Change Agent
by Stratford Sherman and Marisa Faccio
Research shows that most transformation leaders go unpromoted, unrecognized, and unrewarded. And their companies suffer in the long run.
Six Rules for the New CFO
by Irmgard Heinz, Jens Niebuhr, and Justin Pettit
As central figures in mergers and acquisitions, today’s chief financial officers are redefining the practices of their profession.
Beyond Borders: The Global Innovation 1000
by Barry Jaruzelski and Kevin Dehoff
This year’s annual Booz & Company study of corporate R&D spending reveals, for the first time, where in the world the money is being spent — and why.
Major Media in the Shopping Aisle
by Matthew Egol and Christopher Vollmer
Marketers are using digital and video technology to reach shoppers at the moment that matters most.
The Practical Wisdom of Ikujiro Nonaka
by Sally Helgesen
To help corporations create knowledge more consciously, the author of Managing Flow draws on Western and Eastern philosophic traditions.
Best Business Books 2008
by Theodore Kinni
Best Business Books 2008: s+b’s Top Shelf
Best Business Books 2008: Strategy
by Phil Rosenzweig
Fast Competition and Flat Denial
Best Business Books 2008: Life Stories
by Nell Minow
A Master Class in Leadership
Best Business Books 2008: Marketing
by Catharine P. Taylor
The Brand’s New World
Best Business Books 2008: Rhetoric
by Michael Schrage
The Art of Influence
Best Business Books 2008: Innovation
by Jon Gertner
Chasing Breakthroughs
Best Business Books 2008: Globalization
by Marc Levinson
Asia As It Is
Best Business Books 2008: Human Capital
by Sally Helgesen
Talent Unleashed
Best Business Books 2008: Capitalism and Community
by Margaret Wheatley and Carole Schwinn
In Search of Entrepreneurial Spirit
Best Business Books 2008: Management
by David K. Hurst
Narratives and Paradigms
Best Business Books 2008: Miscellany
by James O’Toole
Uncategorical Insight
The Thought Leader Interview: Allan Meltzer
by Rob Norton
The world is not facing another Great Depression, says the noted economic historian, but the Federal Reserve is eroding its credibility.
Recent Research
by Georgia Flight and Bridget Finn
On sleep-deprived teams, postmerger executives, an unreformed industry, and unanticipated turnover.
Back in the USSR
by Bruce Feirstein


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