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Leading Ideas (2009)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

It’s Getting Diverse at the Top
by William J. Holstein
To take advantage of market growth in developing countries, U.S. multinationals are turning to non-Americans to head their operations.
Building Cars by Design
by Vikas Sehgal, Robert Reppa, and Kazutoshi Tominaga
Faced with plummeting demand, automakers should make vehicles with features that match customer preferences.
Get Out of the Silo
by Edward H. Baker
Marketing expert David Aaker argues that to succeed in today’s global arena, marketers must learn to appeal to consumers whose interests transcend individual products and regions.
Business Performance during a Disease Outbreak
by Douglas E. Himberger, Joan Bishop, and Mike Magoon
A new study measures how businesses could survive economic disruption in the event of a pandemic.
The Future Is Lithium
by William J. Holstein
The advent of environmentally friendly automobiles is jump-starting a global battle over battery technology.
Why Some Companies Are Making the Wrong Moves
by Shumeet Banerji, Neil McArthur, and Cesare Mainardi
A new survey reveals a disconnect between what managers should be doing and what they are doing.
Paradox of Capitalism
by Edward H. Baker
Economist Robert Reich believes that the excesses of capitalism have produced a world order in which people feel good as consumers but suffer as citizens.
Keeping Up with Workforce 2020
by Daniel W. Rasmus
For many companies, success in the next decade will depend on how well they implement information technologies that transform when and how people do their jobs.
Making It Easy to Do the Right Thing
by Art Kleiner
In recovering from a crisis, ethical business practice and high performance aren’t opposed.
Here Come the Sogo Shosha
by William J. Holstein
Japan’s little-known trading companies are buying startup technology businesses in the U.S., hoping to catch the next wave of American economic growth.
Betting on China
by Ronald Haddock and Brenda Lei Foster
Even in the face of the economic downturn, a survey finds that multinationals in China are upgrading their mainland operations and encouraging the government to improve the education and productivity of Chinese workers.
Global Partnerships Unplugged
by Mike Cooke and Marc Johnson
A survey finds that information technology is a neglected asset in joint ventures, leading to disturbing results.
Beyond 3G
by Edward H. Baker
Mobile phone operators are turning to LTE as the fourth-generation technology to provide inexpensive wireless broadband access for cost-conscious consumers and businesses.
Convincing Consumers to Spend Again
by William J. Holstein
In a brutal sales environment, retailers and manufacturers, led by the auto industry, are finding that smarter marketing — not better products — may be the best way to a customer’s heart.
Getting Rid of Grades to Boost Performance
by Brian Dive
The practice of assigning letter grades to jobs has had perverse consequences. Aligning jobs with accountability is a much better idea.
It’s a Virtual World
by Rita J. King
Slowly, companies are leaving the physical world behind to cut costs, improve communication, and find new ways to collaborate.
Is State Control Making a Comeback?
by Lord Andrew Turnbull
In considering the relationship between the public and private sectors, it’s time to distinguish the plausible visions of the future — such as a new regulatory environment — from those, like permanent government ownership of banks and industry, that are not plausible.
For Indian Companies, It’s Globalization as Usual
by William J. Holstein
Nirmalya Kumar, a professor of marketing at the London Business School, argues in a new book that although the world economic crisis may have taken the bite out of some Indian companies, most will adapt and emerge globally.
Building Talent in a Time of Layoffs
by DeAnne Aguirre, Laird Post, and Louisa Finn
Companies need to assess their workforces today, but they should also look at their likely needs as conditions change.
How LexisNexis Is Winning on the Web
by Russ Mitchell
CEO Andrew Prozes on why his company needed to transform itself to survive in the highly competitive online data and content marketplace.
China’s Multinational Quandary
by William J. Holstein
Lenovo’s ill-fated ambitions reveal the difficulties China faces in developing and managing innovative global corporations.
The Promise of In-market Innovation
by Alexander Kandybin, Surbhee Grover, and Nami Soejima
A new strategy recommends putting out new products in large volume and letting the marketplace — not focus groups — separate winners from losers.
Putting the Stimulus to Work
by Daniel Gabaldon and Joseph Van den Berg
How to spend $800 billion and actually improve the nation’s infrastructure.
Can the U.S. Learn to Love Renewables?
by William J. Holstein
The CEO of Applied Materials offers a road map for the adoption of solar energy technologies in the United States.
A “Hands-on” Approach to Surviving the Recession
by Art Kleiner and Laura W. Geller
Noble Group CEO Richard Elman discusses risk, opportunity, and his growth strategy for the commodities business.
Why Cloud Computing Is Gaining Strength in the IT Marketplace
by Stefan Stroh, Olaf Acker, and Aneesh Kumar
Web-based computing services are already saving money for many large enterprises. It’s time to jump on the bandwagon.
Energy Policy by the Numbers
by Russ Mitchell
A Cambridge scientist says it will take better arithmetic and less passion to replace fossil fuels by 2050.
Debugging the Supply Chain
by Keith Buckley and George Appling
Ten-year-old Cricket Communications found that even the oft overlooked supply chain can be a lucrative target for innovation.
Leading Out of the Downturn
by Rob Norton
The most important task for corporate leaders, says consultant and author Steve Zaffron, is to reorient the minds of their employees toward a positive vision of the future.
Revving the Growth Engine
by Vikas Sehgal, Matthew Ericksen, and Ganesh Panneer
India’s burgeoning middle class is fueling automobile sales, though most consumers still choose two-wheel vehicles — at least for now.
Overcoming Nuclear Power’s Biggest Hurdle
by Noam Neusner
A cap and trade system for storing radioactive waste may be the best means to wake up a critical but moribund industry.
All Brands Are Niche Brands
by Tim Mahoney
Subaru’s chief marketing officer on how to sell cars in a tough market.
Does Health Care Have an Electronic Future?
by William J. Holstein
The Obama administration’s focus on digital patient records to minimize medical errors and improve efficiency has promise, but will face significant obstacles.


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