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strategy and business

Leading Ideas (2008)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Making Innovation Strategy Succeed
by Amy Bernstein
Booz Allen Hamilton Vice President Barry Jaruzelski discusses the process and findings of the annual Global Innovation 1000 study.
Growing a New Niche in Retail Banking
by Alan Gemes, Fabienne Konik, and Caroline Moss
How some top performers are adapting to target the lucrative mass affluent market.
Signals for the Coming Year
by Art Kleiner
Change may be certain, but for a business decision maker, some changes have more impact than others. Here are eight trends that will make the greatest difference in 2008.
A Challenge for India
by Sheridan Prasso
N.R. Narayana Murthy, chief mentor and cofounder of Infosys Technologies, sees a bright future for developing countries — if they can use their success to address the problems of poverty.
Travel 2.0
by Volkmar Koch, Jürgen Ringbeck, and Stefan Stroh
Winning over the travelers of the future will require technologies that, like human travel agents, can segment customers accurately and give them what they want.
Freeing Ideas from Their Silos
by Steven Mains and Laura W. Geller
How the U.S. Army has transformed its approach to sharing knowledge, and what businesses can learn from it.
Reining In the Overpaid (and Underperforming) Chief Executive
by William J. Holstein
Corporate governance expert Nell Minow explains the relationship between outlandish severance packages and the risky financial instruments linked to subprime mortgages.
The Intelligent Highway: A Smart Idea?
by Joyce Wenger, Jack Opiola, and Tony Ioannidis
Roadways that give drivers safety updates and ease congestion may finally become part of U.S. transportation infrastructure.
Speaking of Jargon
by Gwen Moran
If we hate it so much, why do we all use it?
We Are All Pirates
by Edward Baker
Author Matt Mason takes a hard look at how established companies should face the growing threat of copyright piracy.
China’s Shifting Competitive Equation
by Christoph Alexander Bliss, Ronald Haddock, and Kaj Grichnik
Multinational companies must respond to China’s rising costs by bringing their own global best practices to its shores.
Anyone Around Here Nervous?
by Art Kleiner
Public relations guru Robert Dilenschneider on getting ahead when everyone else is concerned about falling behind.
Competing on the Eco Front
by Jürgen Ringbeck and Stephan Gross
Environmentally friendly countries have a leg up in the competition for international travelers, but sustaining that advantage takes work.
Business Success from the Bottom Up
by Laura W. Geller
Management consultant Ralph Sink believes that people, when given ownership and held accountable, will shine.
The Truth about Exports
by William J. Holstein
The numbers may be rosy, but the U.S. export initiative is still hobbled.
A Clear Look at Biofuels
by Bill Jackson, Eric Spiegel, and Leslie Moeller
Myths abound regarding the pros and cons of biofuels. Here is a scorecard to separate truth from fiction.
Winning the PR Wars
by William J. Holstein
CEOs must learn to manage the media if they want to influence how their stories are told.
The Next Empire
by Edward Baker
What can the U.S. do to maintain its competitive position against the E.U. and China? Foreign policy scholar Parag Khanna believes the answer lies right under our noses.
Taking a Chance on Oil
by Georges Chehade and Eduard Gracia
Geopolitical and financial uncertainty contribute more than an imbalance between supply and demand to sky-high oil prices.
Lessons of Silence
by Bruno Kahne
What the deaf can teach us about listening — and making ourselves heard.
Six Keys to a Winning Manufacturing Strategy
by William J. Holstein
How John Deere bucked industrial trends to become an international growth star.
Friendlier Skies
by Jürgen Ringbeck and Stephan Gross
Consolidation in the increasingly competitive European airline industry has been long delayed, but the wait is coming to an end.
It’s Not about the Money
by John Frehse
To improve employee morale and productivity, increasing compensation may be precisely the wrong tack.
The Sum of the Parts
by Michael Cooke, Richard Turner, and Stephen Chen
Effective product innovation depends on fast access to critical design and engineering data. At Whirlpool, the challenge turns out to be as much human as it is technological.
Indian Outsourcers Go Global
by William Holstein
Facing mounting competitive pressure, India’s biggest firms are reshaping themselves as multinationals.
Building the Perfect Workforce
by Gwen Moran
Community college partnerships are training workers with made-to-order skills.
The New Chinese Environment
by Brendan Vaughan
To do business in China, companies can no longer ignore their effect on the country’s water and air.
The Evolution of Online Media
by Melissa Master Cavanaugh
Author of Always On and Booz & Company Partner Christopher Vollmer on how the media environment is changing and what it means for advertisers and marketers.
Sidestepping Disaster
by William J. Holstein
Extending supply chains to low-cost nations may make economic sense, but disruptions from natural catastrophes can drown the gains.
The Decline of the Expat Executive
by William J. Holstein
Peter Felix, president of the Association of Executive Search Consultants, discusses the new effort by multinationals to hire local executives in foreign locales.
Survival-of-the-Fittest Innovation
by Edward Baker
Booz & Company Partner Alexander Kandybin on why consumer products companies should look to the power of natural selection to break out of the incremental innovation trap.
RFID Redux
by Jeffrey Rothfeder
No longer the tech darling, RFID is slowly reemerging as a valuable way to monitor small pieces of big supply chains.
Hearts and Minds
by Edward H. Baker
Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter on why urgency in the face of change matters — right now.
A Growth Strategy for the Long Term
by Rabih Abouchakra, Mazen Ramsay Najjar, and Richard Shediac
Economies that depend primarily on a single resource are exposed to ongoing shocks, but an export-based diversification strategy can alleviate the tremors.
What’s So Smart about the Smart Grid?
by Rolf Adam and Walter Wintersteller
Changes in the ways consumers use electricity have spurred the need for a more intelligent way to distribute energy.
Why Corporate Buyers Are Dominating M&A
by Edward H. Baker
Amid the tightest credit conditions in decades, the market for corporate control is favoring low-leverage, growth-oriented transactions.
A Breakaway Opportunity for “Inferior” Products
by Leslie Moeller, James Ryan, and Juan Carlos Webster
As the difficult economy causes consumers to trade down in their purchases, companies need to adjust their offerings to their customers’ new behavior.
Peanut Butter on the Chin
by James O’Toole
What The Lucifer Effect, Philip Zimbardo’s landmark book on a prison experiment at Stanford University, tells us about the dangers of corporate conformity.
Change Management: Who’s in Charge?
by Richard Rawlinson, Ashley Harshak, and David Suarez
A new survey finds that transformations succeed when top executives pay attention.
The Coming Boom in Hybrid Cars
by Christopher Giliberti
Evidence from innovation theory and auto-industry history suggests that the market share for hybrids is about to accelerate sharply.
Knowledge-based Sourcing in China
by Ronald Haddock, Michael Pfitzmann, and Reid Wilk
Structural shifts in the Asian giant’s economy are forcing companies to adopt deeper and more personal strategies for supplier relationships.
Is Backshoring the New Offshoring?
by Vinay Couto, Ashok Divakaran, and Matt Mani
The business press is touting a return of offshored jobs to the U.S. — but we’re not buying it.
The Collaboration Game
by Simon Harper, Amit Kapoor, and Marco Kesteloo
Although an elusive goal, cooperative relationships between retailers and suppliers can be wildly profitable.
Pitting Latin Multinationals against Established Giants
by Paolo Pigorini, Arthur Ramos, and Ivan de Souza
To succeed globally, “multilatinas” — and all aspiring international companies from developing nations — must make rapid strides in governance, transparency, and executive appointments.
Don’t Be Afraid of the Bear
by Steffen Leistner, Tanvir Hanif, and Thorsten Liebert
Foreign banks can find opportunity in Russia if they are willing to navigate the risks.
China’s Long Road to Innovation
by William J. Holstein
Beijing is mandating an increase in home-grown R&D, but Chinese companies face long odds in meeting international standards of innovation.
Transforming an Adversarial Relationship
by Frank Smeekes and Reid Wilk
A survey of automakers and their suppliers unearths the management prerequisites for working together profitably.
Taiwan Is Open for Business
by Sheridan Prasso
A heightened level of access to Taiwan from mainland China means new opportunities for foreign investors.
Follow the Customer, Follow the Car
by Yoshiyuki Kishimoto, Hiroyuki Sawada, and Chieko Matsuda
Global companies today can learn from the Japanese enterprises that thrived during the country’s “lost decade.”


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