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strategy and business

Leading Ideas (2006)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Unprecedented and Unseen: The Next Great Energy Challenge
by Herve Wilczynski, Matthew McKenna, and David VanderSchee
While oil and gas industries ramp up “megaprojects” to meet demand, few companies really know how to manage them effectively.
Getting to "No"
by Curt Bailey and Karla Martin
How nonprofit organizations can stretch their limited resources by focusing on priorities and avoiding mission creep.
Crisis in the Oil and Gas Industry
by Peter Parry, Varya Davidson, and Andrew Clark
A skilled labor shortage threatens to stall the boom in investment and exploration.
Cell Phone Health Hazards: Threat and Opportunity
by Lavinia Weissman
Mobile phone manufacturers are today where cigarette makers were in the early 1950s: facing risks that may — or may not — redefine the reputation of their industry.
Third-Party Logistics: The Industry That Needs to Relax
by Damian Coffey, Marco Kesteloo, and Robert Spieker
By tailoring technology solutions to each client’s needs, logistics operators are doing unnecessary damage to their margins.
The Stealth Software Challenge
by Barry Jaruzelski, Michael Busch, and Jay Kumar
Just about every product on the market, from planes to toasters to Legos, relies on microprocessors to work. But manufacturers usually treat software development for their products as an afterthought. Therein lies the problem.
Beyond the Borders
by Ronald Haddock, Kevin Ma, and Edward Tse
As more Chinese travelers leave the mainland to explore the world, the travel industry must figure out what these consumers really want.


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