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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 57 / Winter 2009)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Broadband Drives Economic Growth
On Peter Drucker’s Centennial
by James O’Toole
Why the impact of this preeminent, farsighted management writer is still so difficult to gauge.
The Most Powerful Paths to Profits
by Mia de Kuijper
Twelve strategies to shape a company’s destiny.
Auto Suppliers in Crisis:
1. The Coming Shakeout

by Kasturi Rangan and Evan Hirsh
This bedrock U.S. manufacturing sector is facing consolidation, further cutbacks, and renewal.
Auto Suppliers in Crisis:
2. Steps for Restructuring

by Jan Miecznikowski and Brian Collie
How to choose which units to cut and which to keep.
What’s So Special about Special Ops?
by Andrew Sobel
The U.S. military’s elite training programs offer a model for the strategic deployment of human capital and for building effective teams.
What Banking Needs to Become
by Vanessa Wallace and Andrew Herrick
Regulations and consumer expectations are changing. The business models, capabilities, and practices of the financial-services industry must change with them.
Fernando Flores Wants to Make You an Offer
by Lawrence M. Fisher
Having moved from political prisoner to cognitive scientist to Chilean senator, this uncompromising philosopher of communication is now educating business leaders for the world of social media.
The Thought Leader Interview: Gretchen Daily
by Art Kleiner
A leading proponent of natural capital valuation says we can build long-term prosperity by assigning prices to the ecosystems next door.
There’s Salad on the Menu? Then I’ll Take the Fries
by Matt Palmquist
When presented with options that evoke a measure of self-control, consumers may behave in a way that contradicts their goals.
Staying on Your Toes
by Matt Palmquist
Companies should deliberately disrupt the normal flow of work at multiple levels, because it can lead to breakthroughs for the organization.
Catering to Nervous Customers
by Matt Palmquist
In industries that offer necessary but often undesirable services, managers must strive to understand how their services affect the stress levels of their customers.
How to Donate Responsibly
by Matt Palmquist
After disasters, broker organizations can help corporations act quickly by matching corporate dollars to humanitarian need.
How Emotions Affect Decision Making
by Matt Palmquist
Emotions can get in the way of rational decision making. Anger, in particular, can make employees increase their commitment to a failing plan.
Every Time We Say Goodbye
by Bruce Feirstein
Capturing the Asian Opportunity
by Andrew Cainey, Suvojoy Sengupta, and Steven Veldhoen
Economic recovery in China, India, and elsewhere in the region could be the strongest source of sustained global growth for years to come.
An Essential Step for Corporate Strategy
by Tim Laseter
Though often missing, a formal operations strategy can guide the crucial decisions that build competitive advantage.
Profits Down, Spending Steady: The Global Innovation 1000
by Barry Jaruzelski and Kevin Dehoff
Booz & Company’s annual study of the world’s biggest corporate R&D spenders finds that most companies have stuck with their innovation programs despite the recession — and many are boosting spending to compete more effectively in the upturn.
Integrated Innovation at Pitney Bowes
by David Dobson
In tough times, this venerable mail and documents company boosted not only its R&D spending but the creativity of its approach.
Best Business Books 2009
by Theodore Kinni
Best Business Books 2009: The Meltdown
by Clive Crook
A Wealth of Explanations
Best Business Books 2009: Leadership
by Charles Handy
Means to a Greater End
Best Business Books 2009: Strategy
by Phil Rosenzweig
The Capable and the Failed
Best Business Books 2009: Globalization
by Ayesha Khanna and Parag Khanna
Western Dominance in Decline
Best Business Books 2009: Management
by Judith F. Samuelson
In Search of the Silver Lining
Best Business Books 2009: Marketing
by Catharine P. Taylor
Branding Goes Viral
Best Business Books 2009: Technology
by Steven Levy
Disruption 2.0
Best Business Books 2009: Biography
by James O'Toole
Unconventional Lives
Best Business Books 2009: s+b’s Top Shelf


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