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Web Only Articles (2010)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Making Change Happen, and Making It Stick
by Ashley Harshak, DeAnne Aguirre, and Anna Brown
Five factors make the greatest difference in fostering the new behaviors needed for a transformation. All of them reflect the basic importance of people in implementing and embedding change.
Successful Strategic Planning
by Richard Verity and Simon Mills
In times of great uncertainty, strategic planning must shift from a bureaucratic, linear process to a more targeted approach that is both analytic and creative.
Billion-dollar Ideas: Finding Tomorrow’s Growth Engines Today
by Greg Lavery and Chris Manning
To create growth in uncertain times, use this disciplined and market-focused methodology. It can help you discover and distill attractive new ideas and build a business case for implementing the best of them.
Helping the CIO Lead
by Mike Cooke and Edward Baker
Charlie Feld, the former CIO of Frito-Lay and a pioneer in his field, explains how IT can play a key role in developing corporate strategy.
Highlights from 15 Years of s+b Book Reviews
by Theodore Kinni
A select shelf of books that not only expanded the corporate lexicon, but still have the power to change the way we see the world and do business.
15 Years, 50 Classics
by Art Kleiner
To celebrate a decade and a half of publication, we asked the s+b editors to look back and choose the articles that have had the greatest impact.
The Coherence Profiler
by Art Kleiner
An interactive diagnostic test can show you how focused your company’s activities are — with sometimes surprising results.
What Washington Needs to Learn about Teams
by Jon Katzenbach
Both big business and big government should shift their management cultures from compromise to integration.
The Airlines’ Global Dilemma
by Jürgen Ringbeck, Randy Starr, and Chris Manning
Traditional carriers once knew their way around. Now the world has become a confusing place.
Forecasting the Winners in Luxury’s Slow Recovery
by Steven Treppo and Bart Sayer
Retailers are courting the next generation of aspirational buyers.
A Family-owned Business Goes Global
by Vikas Sehgal, Ganesh Panneer, and Ann Graham
As director of human resources (and CEO of a prominent subsidiary), Santrupt Misra oversees the Aditya Birla Group’s strategy for cultural change as it steps out onto the world stage.
The Life’s Work of a Thought Leader
by Art Kleiner
In interviews conducted before his untimely death, C.K. Prahalad — the sage of core competencies and the bottom of the pyramid — looked back on his career and talked about the way ideas evolve.
Navigating Turmoil in the Global Technology-services Sector
by Vikas Sehgal and Ann Graham
For Girish Paranjpe, co-CEO of India’s Wipro Technologies, the best response to economic crisis was reinvestment: in people, green technology, and expansion.
Big Oil’s Big Shift
by Viren Doshi, Hege Nordahl, and Adrian del Maestro
As a result of the Gulf accident, the oil industry faces profound changes — not just in the management of environmental risks, but in every aspect of its business.
A Return, Not to Normal, but to Reality
by Art Kleiner
Mark Anderson, the high-tech industry’s most accurate prognosticator, foresees an economic landscape still under the stress of too much liquidity — and decision makers still in denial.
Brand Building, Beyond Marketing
by Nicholas Ind and Majken Schultz
Consumers are becoming more suspicious of traditional branding. Here are five steps to regain their trust.
Bringing Back Market Transparency
by Peter Golder, Hussein Sefian, and David Wyatt
As regulators work to fix some of the problems caused by the financial markets’ changing infrastructure, five questions need to be addressed.
China’s Clean Tech Boom
by Laura W. Geller
Bruce Usher, the former CEO of EcoSecurities, describes China’s path to leadership in renewable energy.
Boards of Prevention
by Michael Schrage
Corporate directors can – and should – play a much more active role in overseeing risk and avoiding major crises.
Solving Moral Hazard in Banking
by Shumeet Banerji
Proposals to tax and regulate bank compensation are fast gaining momentum, but they fail to address the core issue.
Fast Track to Recovery
by Jon Katzenbach and Zia Khan
Post-recession success depends on tapping the informal aspects of an organization and avoiding the temptation to rely solely on formal systems, processes, and programs.
Putting Strategy into Practice
by Thomas A. Stewart
Celebrating a “must-read” concept, based on data from thousands of companies: Information flow and decision rights are integral parts of the strategic process.
Coping with Commoditization
by David K. Hurst
A review of Beating the Commodity Trap, by Richard A. D’Aveni.
The Organization Is Alive
by Art Kleiner
To change an organization from within, it helps to understand four basic circulatory systems, analogous to the channels of communication in a living body.
Clarity from Switzerland
by Milton Moskowitz
How well does your company’s annual report communicate and reinforce leadership intent and corporate values?
Getting China Right
by Art Kleiner
Booz & Company’s Edward Tse believes that, despite the challenges in today’s headlines, companies should take a long-term view when shaping their China strategy.
India and China May Not Be the Answer
by Kevin D. Stringer
An offshoring expert argues that companies could compete and profit best by outsourcing to small, more developed countries.
Management by Reflection
by Art Kleiner
Managing author Henry Mintzberg believes that to improve business schools, we must first understand the essence of what managers do.
The New Consumer Frugality
by Matthew Egol, Andrew Clyde, and Kasturi Rangan
Retailers must adapt to the enduring shift in U.S. consumer spending and behavior, according to a new Booz & Company survey of buying habits.
Six Industries in Search of Survival
by Karen Henrie
Despite improvements in the global economy, chemicals, retail banking, consumer packaged goods, engineered products and services, oil and gas, and technology still need to transform.
Five Gates to Innovation
by William J. Holstein
Corning Inc.’s process for developing inventive products actually works, a claim that few companies can make.
When Disruptive Integration Comes to Health Care
by Gil Irwin, Art Kleiner, and Joyjit Saha Choudhury
For The Innovator’s Prescription coauthor Jason Hwang, the real solution to health-care costs lies in the business models that incumbent companies have not yet embraced — but can no longer ignore.
Getting a Return on Judgment
by Julian Birkinshaw and Huw Jenkins
The financial meltdown showed the limits of bureaucracy. Recovery depends on how well companies adopt the practices of personalization instead.
The Supply Chain Is Flat
by Sheridan Prasso
William Fung, the head of an old and very large Hong Kong trading company, on making and selling products in a vastly altered global landscape.
The Case for Backshoring
by William J. Holstein
Which manufacturing operations should return to the United States?
The Elusive Right Path to Engineering Offshoring
by Vikas Sehgal, Sunil Sachan, and Ron Kyslinger
Farming out product design and development can be a risky venture, as many organizations have learned the hard way. Here are five steps to making it work.
The Evolution of Technology
by Art Kleiner
To economist W. Brian Arthur, the value of innovation depends on harnessing the natural progression of shared knowledge.


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