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strategy and business

Recent Research (2010)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Predicting the Next Downturn
Because of the diffusion of the 2008 global financial crisis, forecasting the next one may be an impossible task.
Balancing Team Workloads
How to effectively manage employees who work on multiple teams within an organization.
What Makes People Buy Extended Warranties for Consumer Goods
Extended warranties are highly profitable for retailers, and a variety of factors influence whether a consumer will purchase one.
Why Outsiders Are Better in Turnarounds
Even a loose psychological connection with a failed predecessor can cause leaders to reinforce bad decisions.
The Value of Charisma
The language that new CEOs use to describe their vision can influence securities analysts’ forecasts of firm performance.
Assessing the Operational Risk of Hedge Funds
Many investors look solely at past performance as an indicator of future success, but that isn’t an accurate measure of risk.
Have Mobile Phones Changed the Way We Work?
Mobile phones may increase workers’ productivity, but they have not, as many people feared they would, blurred the boundaries between work and home.
Get More by Getting Mad
Anger can be a useful bargaining tool during negotiations.
The Problem with Anonymous Whistle-Blowing
Channels for evaluating anonymous whistle-blowing claims are not as effective as they should be.
How M&A Affects Employee Wages
Mergers and acquisitions have traditionally been considered a means to reducing labor costs, but this research finds the opposite may be true.
The New Color of Status
Buying green products can improve one’s reputation among one’s peers.
The Role of Corporate Culture in Product Development
A company’s culture can have an effect on the quantity and quality of the new products it develops.
Investing through the Downturn
The recession has changed the way angel investors allocate their money, but not their willingness to remain active in funding new ventures.
The Diminishing Returns of All-star Teams
Work groups loaded with high-profile employees can have a negative effect on group dynamics and limit team performance.
Empowering Product Management
Proficient product managers communicate well, are technically savvy, and possess strong marketing skills, but also need the authority to manage cross-functional work teams to succeed.
Measuring the Effectiveness of Online Advertising Strategies
Online advertisements that are both targeted and highly visible can have the counterproductive effect of turning off viewers by seeming too intrusive and not being sensitive to consumers’ privacy.
Reaching Too Far
Predatory lending played a large part in the financial crisis, but also to blame were affluent homeowners who knowingly bought houses they couldn’t afford.
The Rapid Rise of Executive Pay
A few overinflated CEO compensation packages have led to a surge in overall chief executive pay over the past 20 years.
Implications of an Aging Workforce
As more and more baby boomers retire, employers must learn to understand the motivations and desires of the younger generation of workers taking their place.
The Shaping of New Product Features
A study of the digital camera market in its nascent stage finds that firms look to prior experience when developing features that will appeal to customers unfamiliar with a new product.
Job Losses during the Recession
The recent economic crisis and subsequent rise in unemployment hit male workers particularly hard.
The Role of Flattery in Boardroom Appointments
Executives who ingratiate themselves with an organization’s leaders are more likely to be selected to serve on corporate boards, regardless of merit.
Stock Options Aren’t for Everyone
Researchers find no connection between improved overall firm performance and the offering of stock option compensation to rank-and-file workers.
Amazon vs. the Corner Bookshop
The Internet has indeed caused many small stores to close, because they are unable to compete with large Web retailers offering reduced prices and more convenience for shoppers.
CEO Education and Company Performance
The educational pedigree of CEOs has no bearing on the long-term success of their companies.
Deconstructing a Liar
Leaders who tell falsehoods tend to swear more, specify less, and lack hesitation in their responses.
Gender Bias in Leader Selection
Companies turn to women leaders in troubled times because of stereotypes about their ability to thrive during a crisis.


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