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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 59 / Summer 2010)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

The Third Billion
by DeAnne Aguirre and Karim Sabbagh
As growing numbers of women enter the economic mainstream, they will have a profound effect on global business.
Surviving State Capitalism
by Art Kleiner
Political risk expert Ian Bremmer argues that the prevailing Western corporate model faces stiff competition from government-controlled economies.
It Makes Sense to Adjust
by Vinay Couto, Frank Ribeiro, and Andrew Tipping
Business transformation is now a continuous process that most companies haven’t mastered. Here’s a formula for managing ongoing change.
The Promise of the Cloud Workplace
by Andrew Jones
Freelancers are turning to “co-working” environments for better workplace interaction. Companies could use them to boost productivity.
Data Points: Infotech’s Outsized Role in Cutting Carbon
The Importance of Frugal Engineering
by Vikas Sehgal, Kevin Dehoff, and Ganesh Panneer
Providing new goods and services to “bottom of the pyramid” customers requires a radical rethinking of product development.
Cleaning the Crystal Ball
by Tim Laseter, Casey Lichtendahl, and Yael Grushka-Cockayne
How intelligent forecasting can lead to better decision making.
Measures of Leadership
by Joe Saddi, Karim Sabbagh, and Richard Shediac
To develop new executive talent in the Middle East, regional leaders are examining the roots of their own success.
Leading Outside the Lines
by Jon Katzenbach and Zia Khan
Integrating formal metrics and informal communication can lead to new levels of performance.
Preparing for a Demographic Dividend
by Thomas A. Stewart
At the World Economic Forum’s fall meeting in New Delhi, five experts discussed the challenges and opportunities India faces as its population becomes increasingly youthful.
Herman Miller’s Design for Growth
by Bill Birchard
The office-furniture design leader is betting on innovation as it continues to push the envelope of management practice.
Why We Hate the Oil Companies
by John Hofmeister
As Shell’s then top U.S. executive traveled the country, he discovered how corporate leaders create their own reputation for arrogance — and lose their chance to deliver the right message.
CEO Succession 2000-2009: A Decade of Convergence and Compression
by Ken Favaro, Per-Ola Karlsson, and Gary L. Neilson
The role of the chief executive is evolving. CEOs from around the world discuss the game-changing practices that lead to success.
The Thought Leader Interview: Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries
by Art Kleiner
INSEAD’s expert on leadership development clarifies how self-awareness can break the destructive pattern of corporate narcissism.
Seeing Your Company as a System
by Andrea Gabor
Much-needed guidance on making companies more employee-centered, adaptive, and capable.
Quants Invade Wall Street
by David K. Hurst
A review of The Quants, by Scott Patterson.
Deal-making Booms and Busts
by David K. Hurst
A review of Gods at War, by Steven M. Davidoff.
Media Moguls Get Taken to Task
by David K. Hurst
A review of The Curse of the Mogul, by Jonathan A. Knee, Bruce C. Greenwald, and Ava Seave.
The Two Faces of Power
by Matt Palmquist
Powerful people often hold others to high standards, but break the rules themselves.
Managing Criticism
by Matt Palmquist
Strategies for effectively responding to negative evaluations by influential outsiders.
Broader Reach, More Innovation
by Matt Palmquist
Executives can promote innovative thinking in their managers by holding them accountable for more than what they directly control.
Does Location Really Matter?
by Matt Palmquist
For innovation-based companies, being located in an industry cluster has long been thought to enhance long-term financial prospects. This research suggests otherwise.
Follow the Money
by Matt Palmquist
Understanding how money makes its way from institutional investors to venture capitalists to entrepreneurs.
Three Degrees of Influence
Keith Ferrazzi introduces a passage on the influential power of smaller social networks.


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