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strategy and business

Recent Research (2011)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

How Payday Affects Consumer Purchases
People’s buying patterns fluctuate, depending on when their paycheck arrives.
The Stagnant Price of Bandwidth
People may be paying too much for broadband, and innovation could be a victim.
Avoiding Misunderstandings at International Meetings
English may be the lingua franca of business gatherings, but that doesn’t mean non-native speakers are always in sync. There are ways to bridge the gap.
How to Make Brainstorming Pay Off
A study recommends 21 practices to improve the planning process and its impact on productivity.
Reaffirming Corporate Commitment
“What if” scenarios about a company’s early days — what if it had gone under or had never been founded — can bolster employee morale about the present and future.
The Impact of Financing Risk on Innovative Startups
Staged financing of new firms poses dangers to early investors. But in a hot market, it can set loose a frenzy of funding.
The Tricky Nature of Customer-Service Questionnaires
Surveys make patrons feel better about the service they’ve received — but can also delay their return visit.
Building Trust through Subliminal Cues
Direct contact with someone may not be as important in judging trustworthiness as was previously believed.
When People Break Up with a Once-Loved Brand
To reduce bad-mouthing by disgruntled customers, especially online, companies have to help the aggrieved party move on.
How Information and Communication Technologies Affect Decision Making
Wider access to databases pushes decisions down the org chart. E-mail, Wi-Fi, and smartphones tend to push them up.
Coping with a Job Loss after 50
Suddenly unemployed, older managers adopt strikingly different story lines about their situation — with dramatically different implications.
How Knowledge Management Affects Team Performance
Improvements in efficiency and quality vary with a team’s tasks and location, as well as with the access its members have to institutional databases.
Short-term Compensation and Banking Failure
A study of stock option transactions reveals a link between the financial institutions most battered by the crisis and sales of shares by CEOs and other executives.
Managing Telecommuters and Office Workers
A five-prong effort to increase the effectiveness of a blended staff.
Getting Back at the Boss
Passive retaliation against bad management finds its fans in the workplace.
Doing Business in Corrupt Places
It’s fraught with risk, but could lead to competitive advantage.
How Performance Reviews Pay Off
Sometimes, the least productive workers will bounce back the most.
Long-Lasting CEOs and Their Close-Knit Boards
Directors may not be all that independent, but their savvy advice often pays off.
A Double Dividend from Word of Mouth
Not only do businesses pick up new customers from referrals — those making the recommendations wind up becoming more loyal, too.
Measuring Brand Personality to Sharpen Marketing Campaigns
Three factors — favorability, originality, and clarity — determine a product’s identity.
The Stagecraft of Steve Jobs
How Apple’s CEO used narrative and dramatic techniques to manage his message.
Optimal Decision Making in Foreign Markets
The secret to success is to control the impact of national culture on operations abroad.
Dealing with the Ghosts of Change Management
Transitions that left scars in the past can hurt new initiatives.
Lessons from Failure
Unsuccessful efforts to improve the status quo often have the richest silver linings.
When Knowledge Sharing Turns to Knowledge Hiding
Employees balk at requests for information out of distrust — or worse.
Managing Major Corporate Initiatives
A five-point plan to keep steering committees on track.
One Way to Lose Employees: Train Them
Workers with new skills will leave if they don’t see a career path ahead.
How Mandatory Reporting on Sustainability Pays Off
Forced sensitivity to environmental and ethical issues improves a company’s standing and competitiveness.
The $169 Billion Hidden Market: People without Banks
Targeting the 9 million “unbanked” households in the United States.
How CEO Security Affects Investment Strategies
Fixed-term contracts encourage R&D and capital expenses, but only up to a point.
In Marketing, a Few Bad Words Can Be a Good Thing
How positive impressions get bolstered by bits of negativity.
The Challenge of Managing Innovation and the Core Business
Three leadership principles turn inherent conflicts into long-term growth.
When a Chairman Runs the Show
The CEO is often number two in companies with concentrated ownership.
Reading the Body Language in International Negotiations
Nonverbal cues can be misunderstood, to a deal maker’s detriment.
When Employees Talk and Managers Don’t Listen
Dangers lurk if suggestions are sought but are not considered.
The Continuing Payoff from Open Innovation
The use of external partnerships grows increasingly productive over time.
The Decision-Making Flaw in Powerful People
Overflowing with confidence, many leaders turn away from good advice.
The Impact of Bankruptcy Laws on Startups
An easier way out prompts more entrepreneurs to get in.
Dialing for Dollars with Phone Apps
Branded mobile applications can spark interest in new product categories.
A Limit to Brand Extensions
Cultural associations can really help — or hurt.
A One-Two Punch to Foster Creativity
Both incentives and training are needed to spur innovation.
Importing Experts to Increase Exports
Skilled foreign employees help firms sell abroad.
Turning Tight Money into Smart Money
Investments become more prudent when borrowing becomes harder.
Aftermath of Bank Bailouts: More Risk
Loans and investments got edgier when U.S. aid was given.
Rosy Talk Makes Shareholders See Red
Overly optimistic statements in company disclosures increase litigation risks.
How Hard Times Affect a CEO’s Career
Starting out in a recession scales down the scope of success.


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