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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 64 / Autumn 2011)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Is the U.S. Auto Industry Ready for Growth?
by Brian Collie, Scott Corwin, and Patrick Mulcahy
The outlook for manufacturers and suppliers may be bullish, but a new survey shows that industry executives see big challenges ahead.
How to Prepare for a Black Swan
by Matthew Le Merle
Disrupter analysis can help assess the risks of future catastrophic events.
10 Clues to Opportunity
by Donald Sull
Market anomalies and incongruities may point the way to your next breakthrough strategy.
Data Points: Finding Shoppers Where They Live
The Case for Intelligent Industrial Policy
by Art Kleiner, Arvind Kaushal, and Thomas Mayor
Economic strategist Clyde Prestowitz argues for better support for manufacturing.
Renewable Energy at a Crossroads
by Christopher Dann, Sartaz Ahmed, and Owen Ward
The wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal sector has grown in fits and starts — and now may have the momentum to become a self-sustaining industry.
Transforming Healthcare Delivery
by Joyjit Saha Choudhury, Akshay Kapur, and Sanjay B. Saxena
As nations seek to expand services more cost-effectively, the stakeholders who pay the bills and provide the care must collaborate.
Manufacturing’s Wake-Up Call
by Arvind Kaushal, Thomas Mayor, and Patricia Riedl
A new study shows how the decisions made today by goods producers and policymakers will shape U.S. competitiveness tomorrow.
A Strategist’s Guide to Digital Fabrication
by Tom Igoe and Catarina Mota
Rapid advances in manufacturing technology point the way toward a decentralized, more customer-centric “maker” culture. Here are the changes to consider before this innovation takes hold.
Competing for the Global Middle Class
by Edward Tse, Bill Russo, and Ronald Haddock
Three types of companies are jockeying for position in emerging economies, seeking to capture the loyalty of billions of new consumers.
The New Web of World Trade
by Joe Saddi, Karim Sabbagh, and Richard Shediac
The Gulf economies of the Middle East are forming partnerships with other emerging markets, redefining the ancient trade routes that once linked East and West.
How to Be a Truly Global Company
by C.K. Prahalad and Hrishi Bhattacharyya
Many multinational business models are no longer relevant. Skillful companies can integrate three strategies — customization, competencies, and arbitrage — into a better form of organization.
The Thought Leader Interview: Sylvia Nasar
by Rob Norton
The renowned author discusses how the great economists uncovered the basic truth about progress, prosperity, and productivity, and the reasons you should be careful which ideas you listen to.
In Pursuit of Happiness
by David K. Hurst
A review of The Economics of Enough, by Diane Coyle.
Closing Implementation Gaps
by David K. Hurst
A review of The Art of Action, by Stephen Bungay.
The Enduring Principles of High-Tech Success
by David K. Hurst
A review of Staying Power, by Michael A. Cusumano.
Toyota’s Crisis
by David K. Hurst
A review of Toyota under Fire, by Jeffrey K. Liker and Timothy Ogden.
Putting a Dollar Value on Academic Business Research
by Matt Palmquist
MBA students who attend schools where teachers publish frequently end up earning more.


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