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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 65 / Winter 2011)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Making Customer Segmentation Deliver
by Corey Yulinsky
As the ability to gather sophisticated data grows, here’s a four-step process for making segmentation drive improved performance.
Data Points: Winners in the New Digital Economy

The Right Side of Financial Services
by Gauthier Vincent
Financial institutions need new strategies — to rethink portfolios, customer-centricity, and risk — for the neglected side of their balance sheets.
China’s Auto Industry Responds to Record Growth
by Sheridan Prasso
Dazong Wang, CEO of one of China’s largest automakers, discusses how auto companies will keep pace with Chinese consumers’ appetite for cars.
A Moore’s Law for Renewable Energy
by Andrew J. McKeon
Increasing capacity per dollar in computer technology has driven exponential growth for 50 years. The same could happen in the energy industry.
Resetting the Cost Structure at Shell
by Gerard Paulides
A senior finance executive explains how a zero-based cost management effort is leading to significant performance improvements.
A Better Way to Battle Malware
by Tim Laseter and Eric Johnson
Emulating the methods used to transform production quality could clean up the Internet — and might even pay for itself.
The Global Innovation 1000: Why Culture Is Key
by Barry Jaruzelski, John Loehr, and Richard Holman
Booz & Company’s annual study shows that spending more on R&D won’t drive results. The most crucial factors are strategic alignment and a culture that supports innovation.
Best Business Books 2011
by Theodore Kinni

Best Business Books 2011: Ethics and Aspirations
by James O’Toole
The Good Company Revisited
Best Business Books 2011: Strategy
by Phil Rosenzweig
Asking the Right Questions
Best Business Books 2011: Management
by David K. Hurst
The Battle for Management’s Future
Best Business Books 2011: Economics
by David Warsh
A Dismal Outlook?
Best Business Books 2011: Marketing
by Catharine P. Taylor
Marketing Reenvisioned
Best Business Books 2011: Leadership
by Barbara Kellerman
Learning to Lead the Old-Fashioned Way
Best Business Books 2011: Technology
by Michael Schrage
The Ecology of Technology
Best Business Books 2011: s+b’s Top Shelf

The Thought Leader Interview: Meg Wheatley
by Art Kleiner
An expert on innovative leadership warns that too many companies are reverting to fear-driven management. Instead, executives should hold to their values and build healthy corporate communities.
Taming the “Bullwhip Effect” in Supply Chains
by Matt Palmquist
How upstream companies can hedge the risks from demand cycles.


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