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Web Only Articles (2012)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

The Four Types of Digital Marketer
by Matthew Egol, Christopher Vollmer, and Klaus Hoelbling
Your company’s customer-centricity profile reveals the capabilities you need to succeed in digital media, as well as whether you are a leader, scholar, pioneer, or novice in this critical marketing field.
The New Chinese Economy
by Sarah Butler, Edward Tse, and John Jullens
The boom years may be in the past, but China still offers big opportunities for multinationals that adapt to its new economic reality.
“I’m Still Standing,” Say Consumers
by Thom Blischok, Nicholas Hodson, and Christopher Perrigo
This year’s holiday retail outlook suggests that shopping patterns created during the recession are becoming permanent, but there are still reasons for retailers to celebrate.
An Optimist’s Case for Climate Policy
by Rob Norton
Gernot Wagner, an economist with the Environmental Defense Fund, believes business will push for policy change.
IT and Healthcare: Evolving Together at the Cleveland Clinic
by Ramez Shehadi, Walid Tohme, and Edward H. Baker
Martin Harris, MD, chief information officer of one of the world’s most innovative hospital systems, describes how medical IT helps providers engage consumers and cut costs.
All Fall Down
by Barbara Kellerman
A review of The End, by Ian Kershaw.
Brand Transformation on the Internet
by Art Kleiner
To Aaron Shapiro, CEO of the digital agency Huge, online marketing means creating immersive environments where people go to get their problems solved.
Optimism Returns to the American Automotive Industry
by Brian Collie, Scott Corwin, and Arjun Kakkar
Automobiles are selling again, and executives are confident. The U.S. auto industry is positioned for a global economic recovery — if car manufacturers can avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.
Navigating the First Year: Advice from 18 Chief Executives
by Ken Favaro, Per-Ola Karlsson, and Gary L. Neilson
CEOs who took part in Booz & Company’s 2011 study of CEO turnover share their thoughts about the difficulties they faced, the successes they achieved, and what, in retrospect, they might have done differently in their first year on the job.
How Ikea Reassembled Its Growth Strategy
by Deniz Caglar, Marco Kesteloo, and Art Kleiner
During the Great Recession, this iconic Swedish furniture company developed a new way to expand: cutting costs while increasing customer loyalty.
Diagnosing Your Top Team’s Span of Control
by Gary L. Neilson
What is the right number of direct reports for any incoming C-level executive? A new diagnostic tool can provide the answer, based on each leader’s situation and strategy.
A Talent Strategy for Emerging Economies
by David Tusa and Melissa Master Cavanaugh
Two top leaders of the Middle East telecom company Etisalat explain how they recruit and retain people in frontier markets — the most challenging business environments in the world.
Seven Value Creation Lessons from Private Equity
by Vinay Couto, Ashok Divakaran, and Deniz Caglar
What top-tier PE firms can teach public companies about creating and sustaining value over time.
A Collaborative Approach to Marketing
by Edward C. Landry, Thomas Ripsam, and Namit Kapoor
Four steps to implementing a shared-services model to capture scale and develop advanced capabilities.
The Top 10 M&A Fallacies and Self-Deceptions
by Barry Jaruzelski, Marian Mueller, and Peter Conway
With merger and acquisition activity heating up, here’s a due diligence checklist for regaining clarity.


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