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strategy and business

Recent Research (2012)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Mixed Blessings from Antidumping Tariffs
Revenues rise at protected companies, but from price hikes — and production decreases.
The Dollar Payoff from CSR and Sustainability
How a deep commitment translates into better numbers in the stock market and on the bottom line.
When Safety Measures Boomerang for Online Auction Sites
Having too many protections puts buyers off by getting in the way of good deals.
The “Third Team” Approach to Board Effectiveness
Gains are seen when a subset of directors and senior executives share knowledge and ideas.
How Monitoring by Stock Analysts Pays Dividends
Performance improves at firms that are tracked — the more analysts, the bigger the boost.
Using Market Footholds to Confuse the Competition
A niche in a new market can be a base for growth — or a way to keep rivals off guard.
The Power of Ads on Social Networks
Bonding by proximity to personal information on the Web.
Best Time for a Takeover? When the Target’s CEO Turns 65
With less at risk personally, retirement-age CEOs may haggle less.
The Bottom Line on “Free” Gift Cards
The key question for retailers: Do consumers use the cards to stockpile or to spend more than they planned?
Diversification Reduces the Risk of Bankruptcy
But once diversified firms are in Chapter 11, they spend more time and money to get out.
Weighing the Performance of Private Equity Firms
The companies PE firms acquire aren’t any more likely to go under than other debt-heavy businesses, once some variables are factored in.
The Long-Term Damage from Juggling Too Many Projects
Scrambling to shift scant resources in order to meet deadlines can have a chaotic ripple effect.
A Big Payoff from Online Company Communities
Membership engages customers, who spend more across the board.
Shortening the Time Line for a Recall
Three key factors can delay — or accelerate — an announcement.
Why Some Family Firms Outperform in Hard Times
Companies with founders still on board did best during the Great Recession.
The Key to Brand Acquisitions: Marketing Capabilities
Investors reward companies that buy stand-alone brands they can market better than the sellers did.
A “Psychological Contract” for M&A Success
Retention of key managers improves performance after new bonds are formed.
Suppliers Benefit from Having Just a Few Big Customers
What they lose in bargaining power, they more than make up for in efficiencies, profitability, and stock gains.
The Payoffs and Penalties of Holding Meetings
Danger lurks if a problem-solving discussion turns into unfocused complaining.
How a Short-Term Strategy Can Backfire
Patterns appear in higher stock volatility, increased capital costs, and a drop in return on assets.
The Value of Work-Related Psychological Therapy
Focusing on job issues can cut sick leave for troubled employees.
For Online Retailers, Many Happy Returns
A welcoming policy for unwanted products increases customer loyalty and spending.
A Level Playing Field for CEO Salaries
Compensation at public companies is only marginally higher than at private firms of the same size.
Prodding a CEO with a Deep Pay Cut
Using the pocketbook instead of dismissal is an effective way to improve firm performance.
Cutting Down on Worker Absenteeism
Support from a supervisor helps to counteract a call-in-sick culture.
Exploring the Supply Side of Fake Goods
How companies can battle five types of counterfeiters.
Executives’ Misleading Signals to Investors on Conference Calls
CEOs and other senior managers often talk one way about a company’s prospects and then trade their stock the other way.
The Weakness of Positive Thinking
When an upbeat management style becomes excessive, it wards off reality and asks for trouble.
The Far Reach of Supportive Senior Managers
Leaders at the top have more impact on employee morale and retention than direct bosses do.
When Exclusivity Is Crucial for Celebrity Endorsements
A lot depends on whether ads are fleeting or subject to scrutiny.
CFO Bonuses Soar When Earnings Numbers Are Met
Pay for performance provides a big incentive for managing analysts’ expectations.
The Peer Pressure Posed by Stock Splits
Companies in similar groups watch one another, then often follow the leader.
Online Retailers, Shipping Fees, and the Bottom Line
How the interplay between delivery charges and product prices maximizes profits.
Cyber Risk Insurance: Valuable, but Not a Magic Bullet
Special coverage for data attacks is not enough — companies must also beef up internal protections and oversight.
The Limits of Good Governance in the Great Recession
“Prudent” banks couldn’t resist subprime investments — and took a bigger hit in the stock market.
When Fewer Employees Can Do More
Measuring the impact of workload on productivity — and finding the sweet spot and the outer limit.
Bettering the Odds for a Turnaround
CEOs with seats on other company boards have connections that can help them transform their own company.
Paying for Employee Honesty
Higher wages for retail workers can cut down on employee theft.
How Companies Can Respond to Online Complaints
Tone and context are crucial to effective damage control; the thing to avoid is a heavy impersonal hand.
Gauging the Performance of CEOs from Nonprofits and Government
Some troubling signs are found on the financial front when CEOs’ experience comes from beyond the corporate world.
Expensive Accessories on a Price Tag: Commas and Cents
How numbers are presented can distort a consumer’s perceptions.
No Sweat: Less Stress in Higher Ranks
Broader authority, aided by the power of delegation, steadies senior leaders’ hands.
Marketing Gold: Consumer-Made Ads
Viewers see them as more persuasive than company-made commercials.
The Promise and Peril of Golden Parachutes
They inspire more takeover deals but impose a toll on firm value and stock price.
The “Quality Shortfall” in Bank Ratings
Are decisions affected by potential conflicts of interest that credit-rating agencies engender?
The Boardroom Edge against Bankruptcy
Bigger and more independent boards help shield companies from distress.


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