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strategy and business

Recent Research (2013)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

How CEO Compensation Affects M&A
Stock options lead to more deals, but not to better performance.
The Adverse Effects of Overvalued Stock
When prices are inflated, and governance is weak, it’s easier to underperform.
New Concerns about the Pricing of New Products
Manufacturers and retailers must factor in national sensitivities to price volatility.
New Support for Marketing Analytics
Skeptics abound, but the high-tech approach to consumer data seems to pay off.
General Electric’s Lessons in Product Innovation
Tracking the milestones in a century of strategic commitment.
Why Happy Workers Should Make Shareholders Smile
Job satisfaction pays off with better-than-expected earnings and higher stock returns.
Chapter 11’s Impact on Airline Performance
Bankruptcy gives a bounce to operational improvements, but not for long.
Stereotypes and the Older Worker
Almost all negative generalizations about employees over the age of 40 are not true, says this analysis of four decades of data.
Lessening the Impact of Natural Disasters on Supply Chains
Physical diversification is important, but so is spreading data about designs and operations.
Embracing the Twists and Turns in Project Management
Surprises can be frustrating, but they often come with big opportunities.
Reassessing the Impact of Interim CEOs
Temporary appointments rarely result in poor firm performance.
How Employee Attrition Hurts the Bottom Line
Service companies pay a steep price for large numbers of departures.
A Helpful Prod from the Press Gallery
How negative media coverage can have a positive impact on a company’s strategic direction.
The Right Time to Separate the CEO and Chairman Roles
When performance is flagging, splitting the top jobs could well make sense. Otherwise, don’t rock the boat.
How Multinational Corporations Are Buffered from Financial Crises
Multinationals can increase exports from markets hurt by a decline in local sales.
Can China’s Growth Continue?
In addition to productivity and tech improvements, systemic changes will be necessary if growth is to be sustained in China.
The Fiscal Fingerprints of Corporate Collusion
Firms that engage in bad deeds leave all sorts of clues tied to accounting and governance.
Boosting Marketing’s Role in New Product Development
Applying specialized skills tied to consumer trends is key to innovation success.
The Dollar Payoff from Social Media
Consumers who engage with company sites visit stores more often and spend more.
The Secret Formula for Managing Multiple Projects
An emphasis on company-wide collaboration and flexible oversight is key.
Containing the Anger over Customer Fees
When assessing penalty charges, companies must be fair, flexible, and transparent.
Curbing Risks in Complicated Projects
Too many companies are geared toward fixing problems rather than preventing them.
How the Great Recession Spurred Entrepreneurship
In weak local economies, startup numbers are strong.
Where Retail Chains Miss the Mark
by Matt Palmquist
Decisions about store openings and closings often leave the stock market cold.
The Battle to Retain Market Leadership
by Matt Palmquist
Companies that lose the number one spot don’t have long to get back on top.
Persuading Consumers to Sign Long-Term Contracts
by Matt Palmquist
Companies that focus on driving customer usage and spending see their conversion rates increase.
The Bad Side of Good Governance
by Matt Palmquist
Well-meaning but meddlesome boards can wreak havoc on a company during a financial crisis.
The Auto Industry’s Big Bailout Bounce
by Matt Palmquist
The rescue of GM and Chrysler came with a cost, but it put them back in the game and even benefited Ford.
CEOs with Contracts Pull Off Better M&A Deals
by Matt Palmquist
Protections from the consequences of failure encourage these leaders to make riskier bets that end up benefiting shareholders more.
How a CEO’s High-Octane Optimism Can Fuel Success
by Matt Palmquist
Building on solid performance, upbeat managers set ever-higher goals—and achieve them.
CEOs and Prices: Engagement Pays Off
by Matt Palmquist
Chief executives who support pricing capabilities see significant gains in firm performance.
Deploying the M&A Counterattack
by Matt Palmquist
Sometimes it pays for a company to respond to a deal in its own backyard, and sometimes it doesn’t.
Identity Theft Safeguards Can Pay Off Twice
by Matt Palmquist
Companies that trumpet the protections they offer can cut their losses and post stock gains.
Examining the Innovation Gap in the United States
by Matt Palmquist
Given different socioeconomic conditions, certain regions of the country may be more conducive to innovation than others.
The Rocket Science of Low-Cost Innovation
by Matt Palmquist
It’s possible to develop new projects on a small budget, but, as NASA’s efforts show, companies have to be committed to the process if it is to succeed.
Why the Steve Jobs Approach Pays Off
by Matt Palmquist
IT firms working with business-to-business clients can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by bundling hardware, software, and services.


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