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strategy and business

s+b Blogs - Strategy & Leadership (2013)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

The Best s+b Blog Posts of 2013
by Paul Michelman
Among all the terrific posts we’ve published, make sure not to miss these gems.
How the NRA Sets the Standard for Customer Engagement: A Q&A with Peter Murray
by Edward H. Baker
Here’s what distinguishes organizations that achieve impact and scale.
Learning the Leadership Lessons of Retail
by Eric J. McNulty
While shopping for gifts this holiday season, consider these valuable insights on how to be an effective executive.
Why We Should Deregulate the Government
by Art Kleiner
To be effective, a government needs the same thing as a business: good management.
Best of Multimedia: Why Leaders Should Think Like Psychiatrists
by Charity Delich
Hear how an adaptive style of leadership—like Nelson Mandela’s—can inspire people to work together in solving their thorniest problems.
The Real Benefit of Socially Conscious Companies
by James O’Toole
How unconventional ownership structures strengthen America’s crazy-quilt economy.
Introducing s+b’s “Strategy of the Year”
by Ken Favaro
What is 2013’s most in-vogue strategy? Make your nominations.
A Generic View of “Business” Has No Place in Public Policy
by James O’Toole
The gulf between the interests of small entrepreneurs and global corporations is enormous.
Advice for Facebook That May Just Help Twitter
by Laura W. Geller
For Twitter’s next chapter, some words of wisdom about leadership planning.
Dear Verizon: Here’s How to Make the Megadeal with Vodafone Pay Off
by Ken Favaro
Avoid the usual temptations and your big bet on Verizon Wireless might be a big win.
Where Does Leadership Live?
by Eric J. McNulty
As we develop new ways of doing business, we must also develop new ways of looking at, and assigning, leadership.
Are You Disabling Your Organization with Advice?
by Susan Cramm
Quiet leaders don’t give advice to solve problems—they help their employees think of solutions for themselves.
Why ‟Keeping It Simple” Can Be a Complicated Mistake
by Sally Helgesen
When you apply simplistic solutions to complex challenges, you miss out on bigger opportunities.
How Boards Can Rein In CEO Pay
by James O’Toole
The SEC’s push for greater transparency is a smart move, but it’s not enough to fix executive compensation.
What Executives Really Mean When They Talk About Change
by Art Kleiner
When business leaders talk about organizational change, they’re really pursuing an ideal.
How Microsoft Can Once Again Punch Above Its Weight
by Ken Favaro
A respected head office and strong corporate affinity will drive the company’s fortunes.
Seven Ways to Make Your Strategic Planning Relevant
by Matthew Siegel
Planning and performance management systems can be designed to reinforce your most distinctive capabilities—not undermine them.
The Lesson of J.C. Penney: There Is No King
by Art Kleiner
Fights in the boardroom between shareholders and management highlight one important question—who gets to call the shots?
Let’s Just Stop Calling Them Leaders
by Eric J. McNulty
Executives, officials, and managers should have to earn the title of “leader,” not just expect to receive it.
Keeping the Stupid Out of Your Life
by Susan Cramm
The trick is to remain focused on your purpose and surround yourself with good people.
Looking Inside the Latest Reorganization of Microsoft
by Ken Favaro
As he prepares to step down, will Ballmer’s organizational shake-up make any difference?
The Enduring Management Wisdom of Lincoln
by James O’Toole
Lessons for managers from a manufacturing success story.
Do You Have a Stay Strategy?
by Eric J. McNulty
Starting a business is one thing—sticking with it is quite another.
Learning What Not to Do from an Experienced Executive
by James O’Toole
Jon Corzine’s legal troubles point to a toxic mix of bad ethics, bad management, and bad leadership.
Was News Corp’s Split Inevitable and Is PepsiCo Next?
by Ken Favaro
Why some corporate relationships end in divorce while others live on in blissful union.
Is Strategy Fixed or Variable?
by Ken Favaro
Successful strategists understand that their role is to manage a process fraught with contradictions.
MERS: The Major Threat That’s Not on Your Risk Map
by Eric J. McNulty
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome could be the next big worldwide crisis. Are you ready to lead your global company through it?
Summer Camp for Systems Thinkers
by Art Kleiner
Introducing Camp Snowball, where teachers learn the hidden interactions that separate success from failure.
Jamie Dimon’s Dual Role and the Threat of Absolute Power
by James O’Toole
It’s time to reconsider the benefits and risks of combining the CEO and chairman roles.
An Index to the Best Thinking in Business
by Art Kleiner
Welcome to strategy+business’s new blog.
What You Should Accomplish in Your First 10 Days
by Eric J. McNulty
It traditionally takes months for new leaders to make a positive impact. That’s simply much too long to wait.


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