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strategy and business

strategy+business (Issue 74 / Spring 2014)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Cut Your Company’s Fat but Keep Some Slack
by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir
Why excess capacity leads to greater efficiency.
How to Break the Cycle of CIO Turnover
by Richard Bhanap, Nicolai Bieber, and Martin Roets
Companies benefit from strong IT leaders. The trick is developing and retaining them.
How to Achieve Growth in a Lean Europe
by Richard Rawlinson
Lessons on winning in a slow market.
Angela Duckworth’s Gritty View of Success
by Laura W. Geller
A psychologist and new MacArthur Fellow says you need employees with stamina and tenacity above all else.
Scale Your Innovation Initiatives
by Robert C. Wolcott and Jørn Bang Andersen
Five ways to boost the impact of new endeavors without adding bureaucracy or cost.
Corporate Social Responsibility’s New Role in the Middle East
by Ramez T. Shehadi and Mounira Jamjoom
An urgent need for job growth is spurring an innovative trend in CSR and high-minded commercial initiatives.
Four Profit-Boosting Strategies for Wealth Managers
by Alan Gemes and Andreas Lenzhofer
How to help close the gap between assets under management and revenues.
America’s Real Manufacturing Advantage
by Helmuth Ludwig and Eric Spiegel
A new wave of software innovation is about to transform industry — and give the United States the chance for a lasting edge. See also America’s Manufacturing Advantage — In Pictures.
Align with Your Star Employees
by Susan Cramm
When you connect the development of your top talent with the needs of your organization, everyone wins—and your best people stay. To assess how well you’re retaining your top talent, take our interactive quiz.
The Critical Few: Components of a Truly Effective Culture
by Jon Katzenbach, Rutger von Post, and James Thomas
Forget the monolithic change management programs and focus on the elements of your culture that drive performance.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Winning the Customer
by Niraj Dawar
Companies that understand the stages of consumer purchasing decisions have an outsized influence in their outcome.
Rita Gunther McGrath on the End of Competitive Advantage
by Theodore Kinni
The Columbia Business School professor says the era of sustainable competitive advantage is being replaced by an age of flexibility. Are you ready?
Working Together Apart
by Jon Gertner
Scott Berkun’s chronicle of his stint as a team leader at WordPress.com offers insights for companies with distributed structures.
The Big Promise of Open Data
by Nancy Scola
Nancy Scola reviews Joel Gurin’s Open Data Now, the first book to detail the rich business opportunities in open data and the challenges in capturing them. 
The Rise and Fall of Western Innovation
by Marc Levinson
A review of Mass Flourishing: How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change, by Edmund Phelps.
The Lion versus the Fox
by David K. Hurst
David Hurst reviews Professor Lawrence Freedman’s magisterial new history of strategy, which underscores the discipline’s central elements and limits.
The Trouble with Sunspots
by George S. Oldfield
A personality-driven history of economic forecasting by business historian Walter Friedman points up the limitations of the prediction business, then and now.


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