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strategy and business

Web Only Articles (2014)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

Joel Kurtzman’s Case for Economic Optimism
by Art Kleiner
The founding editor of strategy+business argues that the United States is about to launch an epic new wave of growth.
The Business of Coming Out at Work
by Christine Bader
Former BP CEO John Browne argues that self-disclosure is the right course for LGBT employees in The Glass Closet.
Dick and Emily Axelrod’s Method for Holding Better Meetings
by Theodore Kinni
The couple share their secret for how to actually get work done the next time you gather your team together.
How Engineering Principles Can Improve Healthcare
by K. R. Prabha and Igor Belokrinitsky
This four-part approach can help outpatient clinics treat more patients with the same facility and staff.
Why Marketers Should Be Followers
by Catharine P. Taylor
Itamar Simonson and Emanuel Rosen describe new patterns in consumer decision making that are shaking up traditional marketing strategies.
David Zweig on the Invisible Leader
by Edward H. Baker
Author David Zweig discusses the true power of modesty in management.
Cynthia McCauley’s Manual for Leadership Development
by Edward H. Baker
The leadership scholar explains why measurable, experience-based programs are key to helping executives develop their potential.
Derek Lidow on Mastering the Four Phases of a Successful Startup
by Eric J. McNulty
The former entrepreneur analyzes the leadership skills that new companies need for long-term success.
Christine Bader’s Tales of a Corporate Idealist
by Theodore Kinni
The former BP policy development manager and U.N. business and human rights advisor on the nuances of promoting social responsibility and sustainability within companies.
Moore’s Law Is Still Changing Everything
by Rob Norton
In The Second Machine Age, two MIT professors show how the exponential growth of new technologies is remaking the world.
Reimagine Your Enterprise
by Christopher A.H. Vollmer, Matthew Egol, and Naseem Sayani
Make human-centered design the heart of your digital agenda.
Zero Injuries, Waste, and Harm
by Richard Westlake
How AkzoNobel NV, a leading manufacturer, is making its health, safety, and environment procedures stronger by making them more consistent.
Looking Outward with Big Data: A Q&A with Tom Davenport
by Edward H. Baker
The management scholar provides an incisive look at the true potential of big data and the many challenges to unleashing it.
Zachary Shore on How to Predict the Future
by Theodore Kinni
A historian’s approach to strategic empathy can help you anticipate your rivals’ next moves.
Efraim Benmelech on Financial Contagion
by Frieda Klotz
The economist explains how financial crises spread like a disease and what companies can do to immunize themselves.


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