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strategy and business

s+b Blogs - Global Perspective (2014)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

What Cities Need to Thrive
by William Sand
In top urban areas, socioeconomic balance attracts residents and lays the groundwork for prosperity.
It’s a Race to the Bottom in China’s Auto Market
by John Jullens
Chinese and foreign automakers are preparing to compete in the low-end car market.
Don’t Sell Products, Sell Solutions
by Hans-Joerg Kutschera and Jan Wille
To win in emerging markets, defense and security contractors need to move beyond equipment sales and help their clients develop broader capabilities.
Lessons from the East Asian Development Model
by John Jullens
What are the paths to economic growth for today’s emerging markets?
Why Chinese Companies Struggle to Go Global
by Laura W. Geller
A new study explains what’s holding them back, and how they can move forward.
How Defense Companies Can Gain an Advantage in 2014
by Hugo Trepant and Diane Shaw
If defense companies are to survive and grow in the current downturn, they must focus on building capabilities while cutting costs.
The Reverse Innovation Paradox
by John Jullens
Business experts say a wealth of new products and ideas will flow from emerging economies to developed markets—but real-world examples are hard to find.
Can China Innovate?
by John Jullens
The country’s economic future seems to hinge on the answer, but innovation might not be the best objective right now.
How Firms in Emerging Markets Can Play Catch-Up
by John Jullens
To become world-class competitors—both at home and abroad—upstart firms must transcend their latecomer disadvantages, though a four-stage process.


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