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strategy and business

s+b Blogs - Technology (2015)

Below is a full article list from this issue of strategy+business.

The Best Defense
by Randy Starr and Hunter Hohlt
Contractors in the aerospace and defense sector can fend off aggressive activist investors by adopting a capabilities-driven approach.
Overcoming Big Data’s Challenges
by David Meer
Companies that have the most success leveraging big data are getting three things right: talent, technology, and culture. For more related insights, watch “SoundBite: Why Does Big Data Matter?
Mix and Deliver: The Next Step for Drinks Apps?
by Christopher A.H. Vollmer and Bart Sayer
The beverage alcohol world is ripe for disruption, and distributors who are willing to navigate the industry’s hurdles will find opportunities for growth.
Eye on Multimedia: Mapping Our World
by Melanie Rodier
Balancing the immediate desire for personalization with a need to understand more than our immediate environment might ultimately offer the deeper reward.
How Digital Leaders Outperform Their Peers
by Cesare Mainardi and Christopher A.H. Vollmer
Even after all these years, many companies have not yet figured out the transformational power of new technology.


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