Autumn 2011 / Issue 64 (originally published by Booz & Company)

Data Points: Finding Shoppers Where They Live

In consumer packaged goods (CPG), shopper marketing — efforts to observe and influence consumers at the time of purchase — is one of the hottest and fastest-growing activities in advertising and promotions. Shopper marketing includes in-store shelf displays, digital kiosks, shopping list apps, e-coupons, and more, all of which generate digital data that marketers can use to further refine their pitches. In a recent Booz & Company survey of senior CPG executives, 83 percent of respondents said their companies plan to increase their investments in shopper marketing, and a majority (55 percent) ranked it as their number one investment, with plans to boost spending more than 5 percent per year, followed close behind by several forms of online media spending, while traditional, offline activities are in decline.


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