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Organizations & people

Illustration of many people collaborating on a diagram of a complex business process.

The road to successful change is lined with trade-offs

Rather than trying to convince people your change initiative is the right one, invite them to talk openly about what it might take to implement it: the good, the bad, and the frustrating.
by Maya Townsend and Elizabeth Doty
A man sits at a desk with his brow furrowed and his folded hands pressed to his mouth.
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The fear factor

In the right circumstances, fear can be a powerful motivating force.
by Theodore Kinni
Stanford University psychology professor Jamil Zaki smiles while standing on a sidewalk.

Empathy: The glue we need to fix a fractured world

Stanford psychologist Jamil Zaki explains that whether we are dealing with business, politics, or personal matters, it’s possible — and advantageous — to train ourselves to be more empathic.
by Amy Emmert