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Edward H. Baker is a longtime business journalist and a contributing editor at strategy+business.

All articles by Edward H. Baker

Buying Our Time

January 18, 2017
Author Tim Wu argues that the Internet’s descent into clickbait and trivia is only the latest chapter in a long history of advertisers grabbing our attention.
by Edward H. Baker

The Empathy Solution

September 29, 2015
Ever-smarter computers may be poised to steal the jobs of a rising number of people. In a new book, Geoff Colvin argues that humans can deploy a secret weapon: their ability to care.
by Edward H. Baker

Beyond 3G

March 31, 2009
Mobile phone operators are turning to LTE as the fourth-generation technology to provide inexpensive wireless broadband access for cost-conscious consumers and businesses.
by Edward H. Baker

Paradox of Capitalism

February 17, 2009
Economist Robert Reich believes that the excesses of capitalism have produced a world order in which people feel good as consumers but suffer as citizens.
by Edward H. Baker

Get Out of the Silo

January 20, 2009
Marketing expert David Aaker argues that to succeed in today’s global arena, marketers must learn to appeal to consumers whose interests transcend individual products and regions.
by Edward H. Baker

Hearts and Minds

August 19, 2008
Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter on why urgency in the face of change matters — right now.
by Edward H. Baker

The Next Empire

May 6, 2008
What can the U.S. do to maintain its competitive position against the E.U. and China? Foreign policy scholar Parag Khanna believes the answer lies right under our noses.
by Edward H. Baker

We Are All Pirates

March 11, 2008
Author Matt Mason takes a hard look at how established companies should face the growing threat of copyright piracy.
by Edward H. Baker