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All articles by Glenn Rifkin

How Richard Branson Works Magic

October 1, 1998
Though more known for his legendary publicity stunts, Richard Branson has led Virgin Group to success with a singular, flamboyant style. Learn the secret of how he tackles the big bad wolves of many industries.
by Glenn Rifkin

Competing Through Innovation: The Case of Broderbund

April 1, 1998
As product life-cycles become shorter, the ability to innovate becomes a more important factor. But how do you innovate consistently? And how do you manage creative people whose jobs require them to "think differently"? Broderbund shows the way.
by Glenn Rifkin

How Harley Davidson Revs Its Brand

October 1, 1997
Harley-Davidson has been able to build a community of enthusiasts around its brand that includes members from very diverse groups, and with almost no advertising. How does the king of heavyweight motorcycling keep its fans so loyal? It gives them a reason to "belong."
by Glenn Rifkin

Growth by Acquisition: The Case of Cisco Systems

April 1, 1997
Cisco Systems plans to dominate its market and is well on the way, having acquired 14 companies since 1993. While many acquisitions bring with them attendant stress, Cisco has more than doubled its sales and net income in 1996. The secret: not just buying, but finding organizational synergies prior to the purchase.
by Glenn Rifkin

How to "Truck" the Brand: Lessons from the Grateful Dead

January 1, 1997
Sound marketing principles from an unlikely source, the Grateful Dead rock group. Jerry Garcia and his fellow musicians emerged from the non-materialistic counterculture of the 1960's to create an exceptionally strong and lucrative brand name that has stood the test of time, and even Mr. Garcia's death in 1995. The basis of the Grateful Dead brand was the group's sustained personal relationship with its customers, derived from an unusual dedication to playing its distinctive and improvisational music at live performances.
by Glenn Rifkin