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All articles by Harold Evans

The Vision Thing

January 1, 2001
Why did American Express outperform Wells Fargo, IBM beat Burroughs, and Motorola crush Zenith? Because they reconciled the tension between values and numbers.
by Harold Evans

Is Genius Enough?

July 1, 2000
Britian had it all — brains, ideas, and inventions like radar and pencillin — but the U.S. brought the best to the market. The lesson is sobering: Native brilliance needs a national backup drive.
by Harold Evans

Assaying Edison... And His Equals

April 1, 2000
Who belongs in the Innovation Hall of Fame: Shockley, who invented the transistor; Moore and Noyce, who left his lab to found Intel; or Grove, who managed the company to greatness?
by Harold Evans