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All articles by Lawrence M. Fisher

The Wired Enterprise: Here Come the Intranets

January 1, 1997
Few technologies have been so rapidly accepted as intranets. Effective at lowering costs and improving communications internally, they are playing key roles in customer support too. But they are also presenting fresh challenges, including how to apply the right amount of control to what is inherently a decentralized operation.
by Lawrence M. Fisher

Along the Infobahn: Data Warehouses

July 1, 1996
Databases have long helped managers operate their businesses. Now, more companies are using a special kind for analytical tasks. The payoff can be enormous: everything from transformed business models and stronger customer relationships to new sources of revenue.
by Lawrence M. Fisher

Make way for intelligent agents

October 1, 1995
New software programs are now available that act as "smart filters" on the information superhighway. They can sort through mountains of data and find answers to specific questions. And they can learn. Their promise is to make the "horizontal" organization even flatter.
by Lawrence M. Fisher

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