Theodore Kinni is a contributing editor at strategy+business. He also blogs at Reading, Writing re: Management.

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The Miracle of Creativity

January 20, 2016
There’s no scientific method for coming up with brilliant new ideas. But the authors of a new book argue that a set of habits can help foster innovation.
by Theodore Kinni

Just Say No

September 2, 2015
In a new book, leadership expert Ira Chaleff argues teaching employees to disobey orders is an essential management safeguard.
by Theodore Kinni

The Wright Stuff

June 17, 2015
In a new biography of the brothers who invented the airplane, David McCullough describes the frustrations and triumphs involved in getting aviation off the ground.
by Theodore Kinni

Leading, the Rickover Way

January 27, 2015
In Against the Tide, retired rear admiral Dave Oliver examines the management techniques of Hyman G. Rickover, the father of the nuclear navy.
by Theodore Kinni

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