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Matt Palmquist is a freelance business journalist based in Oakland, Calif.

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Superstars at Your Service

January 28, 2016
Managers in restaurants and other service businesses can maximize sales by carefully filling teams with top performers and underachievers.
by Matt Palmquist

Click Bait

January 14, 2016
Companies can maximize their investments in Web analytics if they focus tightly on priorities, layer human intelligence on top of smart technology, and enlist senior management to lead the charge.
by Matt Palmquist

The Business Benefits of Marital Bliss

December 23, 2015
Working spouses are more likely to emotionally support each other when they work for companies that offer flexibility in balancing home and professional life. This support has important implications for company productivity and turnover as well.
by Matt Palmquist

For Startups, Ideas Matter

December 3, 2015
Predicting a startup’s success before the venture is even launched may seem impossible. But entrepreneurs and investors should never overlook the value of assessing the basic concept behind the business.
by Matt Palmquist

Merging across Borders

October 29, 2015
Given the growing number of international mergers, managers must overcome cultural differences with foreign colleagues to avoid the type of friction that can devalue a deal.
by Matt Palmquist

The Subtleties of CSR in Hard Times

September 24, 2015
Many corporations reduced their investments in sustainable initiatives during the recent recession — but some relatively high-performing firms actually increased their long-term commitment to CSR.
by Matt Palmquist

Navigating the Crowdfunding Landscape

September 17, 2015
Online peer-based fundraising tools have the potential to disrupt traditional investing models, but entrepreneurs and investors must overcome existing cultural and government barriers.
by Matt Palmquist

Serving the Silver Generation

September 10, 2015
Firms on the forefront of innovation often concentrate on introducing new products to younger consumers, but an aging population gives companies fresh opportunities as well.
by Matt Palmquist

Frenemies with Benefits

August 6, 2015
When their profit goals differ, fiercely competitive firms may decide to collaborate with each other on complementary offerings.
by Matt Palmquist

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