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Art Kleiner was formerly editor-in-chief of strategy+business.

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Materials Witnesses

August 26, 2005
When companies come together to save the world, what’s more compelling — environmental results or competitive advantage?
by Art Kleiner

Leaning Toward Utopia

May 25, 2005
The Toyota Production System has revolutionized industry. James Womack and Daniel Jones believe it can transform the world.
by Art Kleiner

The man who saw the future

February 12, 2003
As the pace of change in business accelerates, the legacy of Pierre Wack, the father of scenario planning, is more relevant than ever.
by Art Kleiner

Apocalypse 2010?

October 10, 2002
Populist gadfly Jeff Gates wants today’s CEOs to build a new middle class with stock ownership plans. Or else.
by Art Kleiner

Diary of a Change Agent

July 15, 2002
You don’t have to be a CEO to create an environment that supports action. You just need a flair for imaginative networking.
by Art Kleiner

Core Group Therapy

April 9, 2002
In every company, an insider set of managers influences decision making. In some cases, that’s healthy, in others (witness Enron), it’s a nightmare.
by Art Kleiner

The Dilemma Doctors

April 1, 2001
Anglo-Dutch gurus Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner have become the go-to guys on multinational mergers. Their recipe: making opposites attract.
by Art Kleiner

Strike Up the Brand

April 1, 2001
Tom Peters galvanized a free-agent nation with his manifesto, “The Brand Called You.” But there is something missing from his vision: us.
by Art Kleiner

Elliott Jaques Levels With You

January 1, 2001
The controversial Canadian theorist claims he can create the perfect organization. Has he found the key to management — or merely a justification for bureaucracy?
by Art Kleiner

The Tyranny of "Community"

October 1, 2000
By imposing togetherness and teamwork across divisional boundaries, companies risk losing the people whose tacit knowledge actually drives growth.
by Art Kleiner

Revisiting Reengineering

July 1, 2000
Heralded as the corporation's savior, BPR was later condemned as a heartless, failed management fad. But perhaps evangelists like Michael Hammer needed to go even farther.
by Art Kleiner

GE’s Next Workout

The industrial giant’s legendary learning center, Crotonville, has a new assignment: Teach every manager to be a strategist.
by Art Kleiner

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