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  • October 1, 2001

    Catching Travelers on the Fly

    by David Newkirk, Brad Corrodi, and Alison James
    Occasion-based segmentation online is the travel industry’s ticket to success.
  • July 1, 2001

    Zealot Profile: Phil Duke

    by Reginald Van Lee
    Lockheed Martin Corporation, Corporate Executive Vice President for Shared Services
  • January 1, 2001

    Zealot Profile: Carlos Ghosn

    by Bruce A. Pasternack, Thomas D. Williams, and Paul F. Anderson
    Nissan Motor Company, President and Chief Operating Officer
  • January 1, 2001

    Why I Hate Flying, and Other Tales of Management

    by Henry Mintzberg
    In an exclusive excerpt from his next book, the eminent strategy guru takes flight against a sea of troubles — and still ends up with a ground delay. Who's to blame? Maybe you.