More Healthcare
  • November 27, 2012

    A Strategist’s Guide to Personalized Medicine

    by Avi Kulkarni and Nelia Padilla McGreevy
    Breakthroughs in pharmaceutical innovation are poised to change the prevailing business model of the industry — with dramatic effects on healthcare costs and practice.
  • August 6, 2012

    IT and Healthcare: Evolving Together at the Cleveland Clinic

    by Ramez Shehadi, Walid Tohme, and Edward H. Baker
    Martin Harris, MD, chief information officer of one of the world’s most innovative hospital systems, describes how medical IT helps providers engage consumers and cut costs.
  • February 28, 2012

    Health Reform by the Numbers

    by John Dineen
    By using data to target inefficiencies, leading healthcare systems are proving technology’s potential to revolutionize care delivery.
  • February 28, 2012

    The Faster New World of Healthcare

    by Carl Dumont, Ashish Kaura, and Sundar Subramanian
    Regulatory reform and IT advances are accelerating the “clockspeed” in healthcare. To compete, insurers will need to focus on three key areas.
  • February 28, 2012

    Big Pharma’s Uncertain Future

    by Alex Kandybin and Vessela Genova
    The business model that drove the major drugmakers’ success isn’t working anymore. The survivors will be those that make smart strategic bets supported by winning capabilities.