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    September 15, 2015

    Aetna’s Frugal Healthcare Strategy

    by Navi Radjou and Jaideep Prabhu
    The health insurer is leading the way for the reformation of the U.S. healthcare system by saving consumers money and testing innovative ideas.
  • July 20, 2015

    Staking Your Claim in the Healthcare Gold Rush

    by Carl Dumont, Sundar Subramanian, and Christoph Dankert
    Revolutionary changes in the delivery, financing, and management of healthcare present a choice: Do you want to be a gold miner or a bartender?
  • July 6, 2015

    The Future of Management Is Teal

    by Frederic Laloux
    Organizations are moving forward along an evolutionary spectrum, toward self-management, wholeness, and a deeper sense of purpose.
  • April 13, 2015

    Mark Bertolini’s Preventive Disruption

    by Jon R. Katzenbach, Gretchen Anderson, and Art Kleiner
    For Aetna’s CEO, the lauded move to raise employee wages is just part of a broader strategy to adapt to changes in healthcare.
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    February 12, 2015

    From Fee-for-Service to Fee-for-Value

    by Joyjit Saha Choudhury and Jay Godla
    Medicare’s big announcement on payment models is an inflection point in the transition from volume to value.