More Manufacturing
  • November 30, 2004

    The Lean, Green Service Machine

    by Narayan Nallicheri, T. Curt Bailey, and J. Scott Cade
    To make customer focus profitable, service organizations can learn much from manufacturers.
  • August 25, 2004

    Building the Advantaged Supply Network

    by Bill Jackson and Conrad Winkler
    Working in tandem, buyers and suppliers can find better ways to cut costs and increase innovation.
  • August 25, 2004

    No-Frills CRM

    by Viren Doshi and Richard Verity
    By leveraging the customer data it already possesses, a company can improve customer profitability and uncover new opportunities. 
  • June 1, 2004

    The Power of Plausibility Theory

    by Tim Laseter and Matthias Hild
    A new form of decision analysis is helping executives reevaluate risk management.