More Manufacturing
  • December 12, 2006

    The Stealth Software Challenge

    by Barry Jaruzelski, Michael Busch, and Jay Kumar
    Just about every product on the market, from planes to toasters to Legos, relies on microprocessors to work. But manufacturers usually treat software development for their products as an afterthought. Therein lies the problem.
  • November 30, 2006

    One Billion New Automobiles

    by Bill Jackson and Vikas Sehgal
    Three trends that will change the future of the automobile industry.
  • August 28, 2006

    Who Manages Manufacturing?

    by Peter von Hochberg, Marcello Rodrigues, and Georgina Grenon
    Long-term strategist, juggler of diverse tasks, or productivity champion — the role of operations chief can deeply affect a company’s direction.
  • August 28, 2006

    The Craft of Connection

    by Tim Laseter and Rob Cross
    Organizational network analysis is helping companies share knowledge worldwide, one natural broker at a time.
  • February 28, 2006

    Manufacturing Myopia

    by Kaj Grichnik, Conrad Winkler, and Peter von Hochberg
    Instead of drifting into decline and irrelevance, producers of goods have a chance to seize the future.
  • February 28, 2006

    The Hidden Costs of Clicks

    by Tim Laseter, Elliot Rabinovich, and Angela Huang
    Internet retailers are finally learning why books and luggage make money online — while shoes and toys don’t.