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Smart and dumber

In his new book, The Intelligence Trap, David Robson explains why intelligent people engage in unintelligent behavior.
by Daniel Akst

Creating a culture of learning

Steelcase CEO Jim Keane explains how giving people work-space choices can make workplace behavior more human.
by Art Kleiner
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How to win over a team of experts

Specialist employees can resist a boss who knows less than they do. But working through a pain point can turn things around.
by Wanda T. Wallace
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Bartleby, the office enigma

Herman Melville’s short story Bartleby, the Scrivener provides lessons on how to deal with troubled colleagues.
by Daniel Akst
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The secret to getting things done

Leaders should stop asking themselves how to get people to act and instead find ways to tap into intrinsic motivation.
by Adam Kahane