strategy+business Reprints and Back Issues

Reprints of our award-winning articles are now available on demand in a variety of options, including custom CDs. Whether you’re a senior executive or a professor of business, strategy+business offers you powerful reference and education tools on subjects ranging from business strategy to operational excellence. You’ll also find case studies that benchmark the challenges and successes of business leaders worldwide.

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Reprints are available in four options: full color, color cover only, full black and white, and CD-ROM. Each reprint is produced on demand and comes saddle-stitched, suitable for use in presentations, classrooms, and executive libraries. Reprints ordered on CD-ROM are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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Option 1: Color Cover/Color Content
Option 2: Color Cover/B&W Content
Option 3: B&W Cover/B&W Content
Option 4: CD-ROM

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