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  • A portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli

    The other Machiavelli

    by Daniel Akst
    Finding lessons for leaders in a lesser-known work by the Florentine political philosopher.
  • A woman’s crossed legs show a sneaker on one foot and a dress shoe on the other

    The new work–life balance

    by Adam Bryant
    The phrase seems increasingly outdated, given how much our work and our lives are now intertwined. It’s time for a new framework.
  • An autumn view of Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, Pa.

    The letter of the law

    by Daniel Akst
    The Comfort Letter, a well-wrought 1975 novel about a lawyer, an empire builder, and the debt offering they work on together, sheds light on the complex obligations of professionals to clients, one another, and the rest of us.
  • Colorful, stylized ribbons of sound emerge from a megaphone

    Beyond purpose statements

    by Adam Bryant
    Fuzzy claims to greater ambition are starting to feel like just another corporate fad. It’s time to replace them with impact statements.
  • A businesswoman looks at her shadow, which depicts her as a confident, caped superhero.

    A pose by any other name

    by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie
    The initial findings that posture equaled power have been debunked, but body language can still play a part in your success.
  • Three businessmen in silhouette, standing in a lighted square in an otherwise dark grid

    Lessons in mismanagement

    by Daniel Akst
    The film Glengarry Glen Ross prepares us for hard times to come—and reminds managers how not to behave, no matter what’s ahead.
  • Woman in deep concentration at her desk at night

    What is your crisis quotient?

    by Adam Bryant
    A new metric can help identify potential leaders who have what it takes to thrive in times of disruption.
  • A closeup photograph of a green traffic light

    Pedal to the metal

    by Daniel Gross
    Amid rising global uncertainty, it’s tempting to hit the brakes on decarbonization, but recent insights from PwC thought leaders offer a convincing case for doing exactly the opposite.
  • An illustration of a megaphone emitting a stream of digital icons

    It’s an ad, ad, ad, ad world

    by Daniel Gross
    Some striking data in the latest edition of PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook explodes the notion that the advertising business is in decline.
  • A photograph of a woman in business clothes looking up at an office building.

    What’s most needed from managers now

    by Adam Bryant
    As organizations shift from command-and-control leadership to more decentralized decision-making, the “frozen middle” is melting—and managers have to step up.
  • A black-and-white photo shows a 1940s Hollywood movie premiere.

    Persuasion, Hollywood style

    by Theodore Kinni
    Professors Peter Desberg and Jeffrey Davis explain how leaders can enhance their persuasive skills by mastering the craft of the pitch.
  • Illustration of a pinstripe-clad arm pointing toward a door, implying that someone is being fired.

    Is it time to fire yourself?

    by Adam Bryant
    Anyone can get stuck in a rut and become too invested in the initiatives they’ve launched. Use this mental trick to keep a fresh perspective.
  • A photograph of an empty birdcage from which a bird has just fled.

    The brave, new world of work

    by Daniel Gross
    Strategy+business contributors have been doing some deep thinking on the seismic changes that have shaken offices—and home offices—over the past two years.
  • A photograph of the seven Mercury astronauts, taken in 1959.

    Rocket-powered culture

    by Daniel Akst
    The Right Stuff, Tom Wolfe’s account of the birth of the American space program, offers a primer for business leaders on how to build a winning workplace.
  • A photograph of popped and deflated balloons after a party.

    The end is always near

    by Daniel Akst
    Death and dismissal stalk everyone with a job, as Joshua Ferris reminds us in a ferociously funny novel set during the dot-com bust.
  • An illustration of a green man sitting at a desk, working on a computer. A large red hand looms behind him, ready to flick him in the head with its index finger.

    The bullies are back

    by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie
    The pandemic has encouraged some bad behaviors that leaders need to look out for in the new hybrid world of work.
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