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The image of a Jolly Roger comprised of ones and zeros indicates a computer glitch.

When cyber pirates strike, stick with innovation

Although hacks are often linked to downturns in revenues and R&D spending, firms can still roll out major improvements to separate themselves from the competition.

by Matt Palmquist
June 9, 2021
Man balancing atop an unstable stack of blue boxes

The rise and fall of merit

In The Aristocracy of Talent, Adrian Wooldridge traces the history of meritocracy and fears for its future.

by Mike Jakeman
June 7, 2021
An illustration showing silhouetted figures constructing a large, upward-pointing arrow out of red, orange, and yellow bricks.

Asia-Pacific’s rebalancing act

As the power of traditional drivers of growth fades, companies need to develop more resilient and rebalanced supply chains to keep the region moving forward.
by Raymund Chao, Christopher Kelkar, and David Wijeratne
April 27, 2021