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World view

An overhead view focuses on a hiker’s pair of mud-covered boots, with leaves, grass, and mud scattered on the trail beneath them.

Survival of the fittest

In his new book, John Hudson, a survival instructor for the British military, offers lessons on how to get through the most challenging ordeals.
by Daniel Akst
Photo of Dillip Rajakarier, group CEO of the hospitality company Minor International

Running a global hospitality business in a pandemic

Dillip Rajakarier, group CEO of Minor International, on why strong cash management, weekly planning, and a focus on local markets have been key to managing through crisis.
by Deborah Unger and Nicolas Mayer
A businessman is seen from behind as he exits the door of a wood-paneled office.
s+b Blogs

Boycotts unsettle boards

A director’s beliefs can prompt his or her departure when the company finds itself targeted by the public.
by Matt Palmquist