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Published: November 28, 2007


Web-Based Apps: A Strategic View

So far, thousands of smaller companies have already availed themselves of Web-based productivity applications. Will larger corporations follow? That depends on whether, and how quickly, CIOs — and their peers at the executive level — come to appreciate the strategic value of Web-based computing. Conceivably, the competitive ad­vantage will go to the early experimenters and early adopters, as they will have a head start on the learning curve and training these applications require. And that advantage, in both cost and strategic value, could be significant.

Author Profiles:

Rodrigo Fontecilla (, a principal with Booz Allen Hamilton in McLean, Va., focuses on innovation and the impact of next-generation technical capabilities.
Steve Wardell (, an associate with Booz Allen in McLean, Va., specializes in design, development, and system applications for government agencies. 

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