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Business books

Gridded montage of many faces

Expansionists, brokers, and conveners

In her new book, Yale School of Management professor Marissa King explores the topographies of three network models and the networking styles of their builders.
by Theodore Kinni
Two people happily shaking hands

Mutual respect

In her new book, Freelancers Union founder Sara Horowitz urges people to rely less on government and more on a powerful cooperative spirit.
by Mike Jakeman
A man dressed in a pinstripe suit furtively pockets $100 bills.
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What makes the rich steal?

In his novel The Embezzler, Louis Auchincloss delved into the true story of Richard Whitney, a patrician financier who lost it all.
by Daniel Akst
Close-up view of a circuit board

Battling the bots

In his new book, Futureproof, Kevin Roose provides useful advice for humans on life amid rampant automation.
by Mike Jakeman
Illustration showing a polluting factory against a gray landscape on the left, and a clean factory against a colorful landscape on the right.

Bill Gates tackles climate change

In his new book, the Microsoft cofounder argues that doubling down on innovation can move the world closer to net-zero emissions.
by Deepali Srivastava
A stylized illustration shows two heads in conversation, with arrows springing from their minds.

Arguing your way to better strategy

In Making Great Strategy, Stanford b-school professors Jesper Sørensen and Glenn Carroll bridge the gap between abstract strategic visions and executable plans.
by Theodore Kinni
Detective examining clues in a case, arrayed on a bulletin board
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Detective story

Homicide, David Simon’s classic study of Baltimore’s detective squads, contains powerful management lessons.
by Daniel Akst
An overhead view focuses on a hiker’s pair of mud-covered boots, with leaves, grass, and mud scattered on the trail beneath them.

Survival of the fittest

In his new book, John Hudson, a survival instructor for the British military, offers lessons on how to get through the most challenging ordeals.
by Daniel Akst
Delivery person in car using GPS navigation system on his phone

Is the gig up?

In her new book, Boston College professor Juliet Schor reports on the ways that the sharing economy has — and has not — lived up to its initial promise.
by Theodore Kinni
A woman with her head in her hands is partially obscured by an open laptop computer in front of her.

No, we can’t

In her new book, Can’t Even, Anne Helen Petersen lays out the immense challenges millennials face in gaining a foothold in the economy.
by Mike Jakeman
Two women emerge from neighboring fitting rooms and happily discover they are wearing the same dress

What people like you like

In his new book, MIT Sloan School research fellow Michael Schrage explores the powerful effects of recommendation engines and where they might lead.
by Theodore Kinni