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Two women emerge from neighboring fitting rooms and happily discover they are wearing the same dress

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In his new book, MIT Sloan School research fellow Michael Schrage explores the powerful effects of recommendation engines and where they might lead.
by Theodore Kinni

Best Business Books 2020: Story time

In the 20th edition of strategy+business’s Best Business Books section, our writers identify the three most compelling reads in seven genres.
by Daniel Gross
A photo of a sculpture of Atlas on the facade of an old house.
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Revisiting Atlas Shrugged

The iconic novel, which celebrates risk-taking and self-interest, has important lessons for current debates surrounding inequality and liberty.
by Daniel Akst
A photo of several Ford Model T cars from the early 1900s.
s+b Blogs

The little engine that could

The novel The Magnificent Ambersons reveals the dangers of complacency in the face of transformative new technologies.
by Daniel Akst
A chef cracks an egg into a frying pan, revealing an unexpected rainbow of colors.

Uncertainty on the menu

University College London professor Vaughn Tan offers lessons in innovation from the world of high cuisine.
by Theodore Kinni
An overhead view of a crowd of people forms the shape of an ascending growth chart.

A billion points of light

In his new book, journalist Matthew Yglesias argues that the U.S. should strive to triple its population.
by Mike Jakeman
Photo of Christian Busch

Connecting the dots in an uncertain world

NYU’s Christian Busch makes the case that serendipity is a skill, resulting from a mindset that allows you to see and act on opportunities in seemingly unrelated facts or events.
by Suvarchala Narayanan