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The general wisdom of Ulysses S. Grant

A serial failure up until the Civil War, Grant had a talent for leadership that secured the Union. His strategy and style still offer valuable lessons for today’s executives.
by Theodore Kinni

The power broker

Chantelle Abdul grew Mojec International Holdings from a small family-owned business in Nigeria into an energy business that has helped modernize the country’s electricity market. Now, she’s thinking even bigger.
by Abimbola Banjo
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The downside of resilient leadership

Self-sufficiency is a prized trait among executives, especially during times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. But it has drawbacks, too.
by Adam Bryant
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Can you handle the truth?

Three ways for leaders to stop missing essential information from across their organization.
by Eric J. McNulty

Forces of nature

Understanding how ecosystems grow, thrive, and regenerate can help leaders steer their organization in the future.
by David K. Hurst

Revealing leaders’ blind spots

There is very little overlap between the management areas leaders think they need to improve and the weaknesses identified by those they lead. Reconciling these differences will improve leaders and their organizations.
by Joan Shafer, Adam Bryant, and David Reimer
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Pride and the pandemic

Will your company’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic create institutional pride or destroy it?
by Theodore Kinni

Fueling your company’s urge to surge

Occasionally, a business overtakes its competitors and moves from industry player to industry leader. Southeast Asia points the way for how to achieve this.
by Edward Clayton and Jeremy Grant
PwC insights
Is your approach to compliance constraining capital, culture and customer experience, or is it contributing to trust and competitive advantage?