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Chalkboard drawing of stick figures climbing ladders of varying heights
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The power of power consciousness

Businesses benefit when they help their employees understand the different types of power relationships that shape workplaces.
by Josh Levs
A man dressed in a pinstripe suit furtively pockets $100 bills.
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What makes the rich steal?

In his novel The Embezzler, Louis Auchincloss delved into the true story of Richard Whitney, a patrician financier who lost it all.
by Daniel Akst
A woman uses multiple computer monitors to analyze data.
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Seeing, doing, and imagining

Judea Pearl’s ladder of causation defines three levels of managerial decision-making prowess.
by Theodore Kinni
A smiling group of employees surrounds the boss, offering notebooks, pens, and glasses in an effort to please her.
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Do you manage up or down?

It’s not easy to spot those who spend all their energy looking up, so organizations need systems to root them out.
by Adam Bryant
Detective examining clues in a case, arrayed on a bulletin board
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Detective story

Homicide, David Simon’s classic study of Baltimore’s detective squads, contains powerful management lessons.
by Daniel Akst
Photograph of Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer.

Pfizer’s vaccine machine

CEO Albert Bourla discusses how a company founded in the 19th century is taking on the biggest health challenges of the 21st century.
by Ron Chopoorian and Daniel Gross
Woman working at her kitchen table during a pandemic lockdown
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Supporting employees working from home

The vaccines needed to end the pandemic are here, but it will be months before many employees come back to the workplace. Here’s how to help them now.
by Theodore Kinni