Niche work if you can get it

Understanding how specialist companies succeed can help all leaders learn ways to stick to their strategies.
by Thomas A. Stewart and Patricia O’Connell

How powerful people slip

Neuroscience reveals the counterproductive side effects of authority. Attention to inclusion measures can help you avoid the pitfalls.
by Mary Slaughter and Chris Weller

India’s new unicorns

The world’s largest democracy is becoming a seedbed for billion-dollar startups.
by Vishnupriya Sengupta and Suvarchala Narayanan
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How to think like a CEO

Top leaders share a particular habit of mind that sets them apart.
by Adam Bryant

How operators can make 5G pay

Communications service providers will only gain a return on their infrastructure investments by adopting innovative business models.
by Rolf Meakin, Darren Shea, and Kirolous Zikry
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The evolution of problem solving

The professionals who aim to tackle modern organizational challenges have to learn to deliver holistic solutions that drive value realization.
by Tom Puthiyamadam
PwC insights
Data trust pacesetters offer a guide for organizations looking to improve their ability to extract value from their data in a secure and ethical way.