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Navigating your COVID-19 response

PwC’s new digital assessment tool, the COVID-19 Navigator, can help leaders understand the potential impact of the novel coronavirus on their business.
by Kristin Rivera and David Stainback
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Is your board risk-ready?

Company directors face heightened pressure to assess and manage risk at the organizations they oversee — and in the boardroom itself.
by Michele Wucker
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Four different ways of knowing

Understanding the world around you can be difficult if you’re constrained by traditional thinking. New approaches to knowledge can help.
by Eric J. McNulty

The most agile day

What the Allied invasion of Normandy has to teach us about the power and utility of organizational agility.
by Leo M. Tilman and General Charles Jacoby

Blackstone’s builder

Stephen A. Schwarzman discusses what it takes to think big — in business, deals, and philanthropy.
by Daniel Gross

Seeking the future’s supply chain

Li & Fung CEO Spencer Fung has explicitly championed a digital transformation of one of the world’s most influential supply chain solutions platforms.
by Art Kleiner and Michael Wy Cheng
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The B2B platform revolution

The right strategy will allow businesses to take advantage of the value that e-commerce platform providers can offer.
by Vicki Huff Eckert

How to succeed in uncertain times

In a difficult environment, leaders need to resist the impulse to adopt a defensive pose. They must instead take actions that will position their organization for success.
by Will Jackson-Moore, Heather Swanston, and Mohamed Kande