The power of feelings at work

By aligning the pursuit of business objectives with the meeting of human needs, companies can tap into powerful emotional forces in their current cultural situations.
by Jon Katzenbach, Chad Gomes, and Carolyn Black
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What is an office for now?

Remote working may be here to stay, but don’t write off the office just yet.
by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Why corporate purpose statements often miss their mark

Analysis of nearly 2,000 CEOs’ description of their company’s purpose reveals that most omit a critical detail: why their company is in business.
by Christopher Michaelson, Douglas A. Lepisto, and Michael G. Pratt

The s+b crossword

Get ready to put your knowledge of all things business to the test with a puzzle celebrating our 25th anniversary.
by Myles Mellor

The shifting nexus of retail banking

As customer relationships become transaction-based and as more players compete for revenue, legacy institutions will have to double down on experience and trust.
by Rowan Laurence and Stelios Kavadias
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Reimagine your entire brand portfolio

COVID-19 has prompted so many changes in people’s needs and preferences that consumer packaged goods companies need to take a fresh look at their offerings.
by K.B. Clausen and Matt Egol

Thinking productively about the future

Asking the right questions today will allow leaders to be better prepared for — and even gain insights from — uncertainty.
by Stephen Newman and Wanda T. Wallace

How fiction can help us imagine the future

In an age of big data, artificial intelligence, and continual forecasting, fiction can help us navigate uncertainty by opening our eyes to a wide range of scenarios.
by Vikram Mansharamani

Getting back to the future...of work

As businesses cope with COVID-19 disruptions, they need to rethink and reconfigure their workforce and work spaces beyond redesigning physical spaces.
by Bhushan Sethi

The clear Sky strategy

Jeremy Darroch, the CEO of global television company Sky, believes consistent renewal and reinvention is the key to relevance in the age of streaming.
by David Lancefield and Daniel Gross
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This podcast series focuses on the challenges and opportunities facing business leaders in today’s environment of global uncertainty.