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The power of people, reimagined

Workforce by PwC
Human potential is boundless—and that potential is already inside your business. The question is, how can you unleash it? As you craft and execute new workforce strategies, be certain to build on your people’s individual strengths and fuel their collective performance. It will enrich your change agenda with flexibility and ingenuity. More effective collaboration, supported by sharper workforce insights from cloud-based data, deeper analytics, and reporting tools, will help you realize the bigger, bolder ideas that come from a true diversity of perspectives—your people’s. To learn more about how PwC is empowering the workforce, click here.


A black-and-white illustration of three people, all of whom are balancing another person on their outstretched arms.

To build trust with employees, be consistent

Leaders who want to avoid a retention and recruitment crisis need to walk the talk on culture.
by Reid Carpenter, Christopher Hannegan, and Varya Davidson
September 21, 2021