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Value Creation by PwC

Value Creation by PwC
The COVID-19 crisis, together with myriad societal challenges and other disruptive trends, is having a substantial and rapid effect on enterprise value. Now is the time for business leaders to analyze the varying impacts — and turn disruption into an opportunity by reinventing their planning processes, reframing their strategies, and revising their ways of working. To find out more about generating long-term enterprise value, go to PwC’s Value Creation site.


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Navigating an asymmetrical recovery

Shock waves from the pandemic show no sign of letting up—and businesses need to plan accordingly.

by Heather Swanston, Peter Greaves, and Steven Fleming
August 4, 2021
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A CEO guide to today’s value creation ecosystem

The drivers of enterprise value extend beyond financial productivity — and as disruption intensifies, businesses must adapt to avoid value destruction.
by Helen Mallovy Hicks, Aaron Gilcreast, Hein Marais, and Chris Manning
February 23, 2021
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Doing the right deals

Learn why mergers and acquisitions designed for a capabilities fit deliver better outcomes.

October 13, 2021