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Young Profs

Young Profs
Meet the next generation of Business Thought Leaders
Stanford University psychology professor Jamil Zaki smiles while standing on a sidewalk.

Empathy: The glue we need to fix a fractured world

Stanford psychologist Jamil Zaki explains that whether we are dealing with business, politics, or personal matters, it’s possible — and advantageous — to train ourselves to be more empathic.
by Amy Emmert
Photo of Christian Busch

Connecting the dots in an uncertain world

NYU’s Christian Busch makes the case that serendipity is a skill, resulting from a mindset that allows you to see and act on opportunities in seemingly unrelated facts or events.
by Suvarchala Narayanan

How to create happier employees

Professor Jochen Menges on the ways companies can develop well-being initiatives that genuinely make people feel better.
by Laura W. Geller

Getting Beyond Greenwashing

IESE professor Pascual Berrone on why companies need to rethink their approach to sustainability.
by Laura W. Geller

The Problem of Virtuous Leadership

According to Adam Smith scholar Ryan Patrick Hanley, executives can navigate today’s turbulence only by learning to see themselves as others might see them.
by Art Kleiner

The CEO as Activist

Duke professor Aaron Chatterji believes business leaders have social and political responsibilities they can’t afford to neglect.
by Jan Alexander

The Financial Insecurity Bias

Tuck professor Eesha Sharma on how perceptions of personal wealth affect the decisions people make.
by Laura W. Geller
s+b Blogs

How to Whistle While You Work

In The Happiness Track, Emma Seppälä describes six strategies that will make you happier and more successful at work.
by Theodore Kinni

Jonah Berger Is Over Twitter

How the science of social transmission will help your brand catch on—and why tweeting alone is not enough.
by Laura W. Geller

Turning the tables on success

In today’s workplace, what goes around comes around faster, sinking takers and propelling givers to the top.
by Adam Grant