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About strategy+business

Strategy+business (s+b) is an award-winning management publication for decision makers in businesses and other organizations around the world. Our purpose is to illuminate the complex choices that leaders face—in strategy, marketing, operations, human capital, governance, and other domains—and the impact of their decisions.

Strategy+business is published by certain member firms of the PwC network. The articles we publish are characterized by:

Distinguished contributors. We feature writing by chief executives and other well-known corporate leaders, best-selling business thinkers and philosophers, prominent academics and researchers, seasoned practitioners from the PwC network, and journalists with a track record in revealing the patterns below the surface.

Distinctive content. Our purpose is to find and share the ideas and stories that raise the game for management, written and expounded clearly enough to provide the basis for thoughtful action. Through in-depth feature stories, thought leader interviews, and strategic commentaries, strategy+business provides an informed, global perspective on ideas and practices relevant to large-scale corporations.

To propose articles for s+b, see our writer’s guidelines.

Discerning readers. Strategy+business has a global audience of more than 1,000,000 readers, including subscribers and website visitors. More than 120,000 people receive s+b’s twice-weekly newsletters, over 115,000 subscribe to s+b’s digital edition and apps, and more than 400,000 interact with s+b on social media channels. Our audience includes business decision makers, managers rising within large companies, distinguished academics, and others with an interest in understanding the business and management systems, practices, and ideas that define our world.

Diverse channels. We make our material available to you in a variety of ways.

  • The strategy+business digital issue is published up to 12 times a year, and is available via free subscription
  • The strategy+business website, where new articles are published every week
  • The strategy+business twice-weekly newsletter for business analysis, insights, commentary, and multimedia from the authors, strategists, and editors at strategy+business


Awards highlights for strategy+business:

  • 2023 American Society of Business Publication Editors' [ASBPE] national and regional gold award for website design and podcast
  • 2023 ASBPE regional gold and bronze national award for e-newsletter
  • 2023 ASBPE regional silver award for web feature article; online feature article design; original research; and web how-to article
  • 2022 ASBPE bronze regional award for e-newsletter, general excellence
  • 2021 and 2020 MarCom Platinum and Gold awards for B2B print magazine and B2B website
  • 2020 bronze ASBPE & SIP award winner for best new or relaunched website

Click here for a complete list of our awards.

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