Health care


Leading with a mission mind-set

How Beth Mooney, CEO of KeyCorp and chair of the Cleveland Clinic, earns trust in banking and healthcare.
by Samantha Marshall
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The silver lining of an aging population

Economists often warn that an abundance of elders will be problematic for the economy. But new research shows that such a demographic shift could be a good thing.
by Matt Palmquist
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Saving Lives with High-Tech Underwear

Health sensors that are built into people’s daily lives (and attire) could help researchers address many types of life-threatening crises.
by Kevin Maney

The Flywheel Philosophy

Companies are embracing stakeholder value to produce results.
by Kate Isaacs and Allison Neale

Physician, Disrupt Thyself

Professors Vijay Govindarajan and Ravi Ramamurti offer U.S. healthcare providers a prescription for reverse innovation from India.
by Theodore Kinni

Alexa, what’s going on with healthcare?

As large companies join forces to tackle healthcare, they will accelerate innovation and disruption in the broader industry.
by Jay Godla, Igor Belokrinitsky, and Sundar Subramanian

Building a Resilience Advantage in Healthcare

In a turbulent environment, it is vital for healthcare companies to build business models that can withstand uncertainty and change.
by Sundar Subramanian, Igor Belokrinitsky , and Jay Godla