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A photograph of a woman in an office building looking out the window.

Reaching your full cloud potential

Few companies are harnessing the full power of the cloud to catalyze innovation and digital transformation. Business leaders can change the game by paying careful attention to seven mission-critical factors.
by Rohit Antao, Will Perry, and Mark Moffat
A black-and-white photo showing an architectural detail of an ionic column capital.

Why bigger isn’t always better in banking

In a new book about the storied two-century history of Brown Brothers, author Zachary Karabell argues that conservatism and pragmatism are viable strategies for surviving disruptions.
by Daniel Gross
A photo of eight rolls of tape, each a different color, converging against a pink background.
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Making transformation stick

Three steps can help leaders ensure that their change efforts don’t fall apart once the initial push is over.
by Augusto Giacoman and Craig Hapelt


Photograph of Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of England.

Mark Carney on a values-led economy

The former governor of the Bank of England argues for a fundamental rewiring of the financial system to confront global challenges.
by Jakob von Baeyer
Indian farmer spreading fertilizer in a wheat field

How to help India’s farmers

The new reform laws aren’t comprehensive enough. True reform will require public–private partnerships that can address how food is grown, processed, distributed, and sold.
by Deepa Krishnan
A photo of a woman standing in profile against a green wall, with a cream-colored canvas shopping bag over her shoulder.

The rise of the eco-friendly consumer

During the pandemic, consumers have become more sensitive to the environmental impacts of their shopping decisions, and consumer companies are responding.
by Amy Emmert
Business workers toiling at well-spaced desks in an open field

Tips for leading people at a distance

As many companies adopt hybrid work models, Harvard Business School professor Tsedal Neeley’s new handbook for managing remote workers is a timely read.
by Theodore Kinni

PwC Series

An illustration of a globe.
Hello, tomorrow.

Localization is the new globalization

Many factors are disrupting the equilibrium multinationals have enjoyed for decades. In response, organizations must adapt both their strategies and their tactics.


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