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The image of a Jolly Roger comprised of ones and zeros indicates a computer glitch.
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When cyber pirates strike, stick with innovation

Although hacks are often linked to downturns in revenues and R&D spending, firms can still roll out major improvements to separate themselves from the competition.
by Matt Palmquist
Man balancing atop an unstable stack of blue boxes

The rise and fall of merit

In The Aristocracy of Talent, Adrian Wooldridge traces the history of meritocracy and fears for its future.
by Mike Jakeman


An image of the earth as seen from the moon.
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Moonshot management

Today’s leaders can learn valuable lessons from James Webb, the NASA administrator who met John F. Kennedy’s lunar challenge.
by Theodore Kinni
Five employees engaged in discussion around a table

Granting autonomy without losing control

In his new book, London Business School’s Constantinos C. Markides explains how leaders can ensure that employees know how to deliver on a company’s strategy.
by Constantinos C. Markides
Seated man seen from behind, looking at scribbles on a wall and feeling confused

How noisy is your company?

In Noise, a professorial supergroup explains the causes and consequences of the inherent variability in professional judgment.
by Theodore Kinni
Two businesspeople at laptops, facing each other across a table, as they would in a chess match
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Are we having fun (at work) yet?

Games or contests meant to inject some motivation and productivity into the workday can backfire if employees feel pressured to take part.
by Matt Palmquist
Illustration of a faceless man in profile against a yellow-green background. He is picking apples from a tree that is displayed on a larger-than-life smartphone to his left.

Streaming energy

After a year of explosive growth fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, streaming video companies have to embrace new strategies to create value for viewers, creators, and investors.
by Kim David Greenwood, Kate Kennard, and Mark Borao

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