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Experiences matter by PwC
A young worker organizes his ideas by posting sticky notes on a window.

The Four Fs of employee experience

These simple principles, based on the empathetic, iterative practice of design thinking, can help you help your people perform to their fullest potential.
by Angela Lester and Claudia Montgomery
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Gridded montage of many faces

Expansionists, brokers, and conveners

In her new book, Yale School of Management professor Marissa King explores the topographies of three network models and the networking styles of their builders.
by Theodore Kinni
Chalkboard drawing of stick figures climbing ladders of varying heights
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The power of power consciousness

Businesses benefit when they help their employees understand the different types of power relationships that shape workplaces.
by Josh Levs
Two people happily shaking hands

Mutual respect

In her new book, Freelancers Union founder Sara Horowitz urges people to rely less on government and more on a powerful cooperative spirit.
by Mike Jakeman
Customer undergoing facial scan at automated store checkout
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The cyborg behind the sales counter

Equipping employees with wearable or implantable AI devices may improve efficiency, but firms must weigh ethical concerns and prepare customers for the new experience.
by Matt Palmquist

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