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How to prepare for anything

When the paint shop leadership team for carmaker Audi initiated a change process, they decided to trust the power of questions.

Is privacy possible in the age of AI?

Google’s Chief Privacy Officer, Keith Enright, joins the Take on Tomorrow podcast to discuss the unique privacy challenges presented by generative AI.
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Is talent hiding in plain sight?

“Skills-first” hiring allows leaders to reveal the hidden potential within their teams. Hear how organizations, large or small, can adopt the approach.
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Why should business be nature positive?

This Take on Tomorrow podcast episode reveals why sustainable practices aren’t just good for the planet, but crucial for the long-term viability of business.
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Lean for the modern company

A new book makes the case for adopting the enduring principles of this ’80s-era process-management system in digital-first businesses.
Cover of October 2023 digital issue of strategy+business
Climate: The ultimate industry disruptor
The November issue of s+b explores how the climate crisis is already reshaping business.

Taking climate change seriously is not just a matter of adapting to the physical threats posed by extreme weather, or even reducing or offsetting carbon emissions. It demands rethinking what your organization does—and how it does it.

There are three actions leaders can take to reduce risk and increase reward: reimagine the future; build climate resilience, but grab quick wins; and develop leadership savvy.

Illustration of Johan Rockström
Ecological sustainability is moving away from being something that you do just to have a little green label, to increasingly [putting] your whole value chain in a much more competitive, robust, and resilient positioning.