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Uncover the hidden levers of power

Strategy+business launches a brand-new immersive all-digital experience featuring quick-hit summaries, interactive data, and visual storytelling designed to inform and inspire action.

This month’s issue of s+b explores how harnessing trust, dynamically allocating resources, and striving for strategic coherence can create value in uncertain times.

The other Machiavelli

Finding lessons for leaders in a lesser-known work by the Florentine political philosopher.
Cover of October 2022 digital issue of strategy+business
Introducing s+b’s digital issue, your new go-to source for the freshest insights in business. In the premiere issue:
Uncover the hidden levers of power
For October, the s+b team looks at three road-tested, data-backed performance enablers that too many leaders overlook in the chase for short-term solutions.
New PwC research shows that customer trust is tightly linked with corporate performance. Plus: Take a trust diagnostic.
PwC data analysis reveals that frequent and dynamic resource allocation can boost profit margins by up to 5 percentage points.
Latest Articles
A woman’s crossed legs show a sneaker on one foot and a dress shoe on the other

The new work–life balance

The phrase seems increasingly outdated, given how much our work and our lives are now intertwined. It’s time for a new framework.
A photo-illustration of a dual-rotor electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft

Electric planes take off

The potential for short-haul electric flight is energizing aviation’s newest startups.
Overhead photo of two groups of three businessmen; the groups are walking on illustrated color tiles toward the center of the image

Does your culture fit your strategy?

A big culture–strategy disconnect can be catastrophic. Only a formal assessment based on objective data can tell you if your organization is ready to transform.
An autumn view of Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, Pa.

The letter of the law

The Comfort Letter, a well-wrought 1975 novel about a lawyer, an empire builder, and the debt offering they work on together, sheds light on the complex obligations of professionals to clients, one another, and the rest of us.