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Social science’s lessons for business

Big data is giving a soft science a hard edge, from which business can gain important insights — if those insights are properly put in context.
by Julia Hobsbawm
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In defense of work–life balance

Even as the concept of integrating our professional and personal lives gains currency, it is important to demarcate borders between the two.
by Josh Levs
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How business schools can change the world

Experiential learning approaches that give management students exposure to adversity can help create empathetic leaders who are motivated to build a more equitable, sustainable future.
by Deepa Krishnan

What is fair when it comes to AI bias?

It’s not the algorithm behaving badly, but how we define fairness that determines an artificial intelligence system’s impact.
by Anand Rao and Ilana Golbin
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Making universal basic income a reality

After years of hype, UBI could be poised to scale. But first, policymakers and businesses will have to address fundamental implementation issues.
by Deepali Srivastava
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Poetry at work

The brilliant poet Wallace Stevens spent his career in the insurance industry. To what extent did these two aspects of his life nourish one another?
by Daniel Akst


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Draw yourself a leader

Visual thinking can give you fresh insight into your own beliefs about leadership.
by Eric J. McNulty

Chinese cars go global

An Conghui, president of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and CEO of Geely Auto Group, explains the future of flying cars and the value of an international brand.
by Jenny Chong and Art Kleiner
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What is an office for?

The rise of remote working is making companies more focused on the spaces they create to bring people together.
by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

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