Masters of the middle-market universe

The midsized companies in the U.S. that grow the fastest understand their strong suits and play their hands accordingly.
by Thomas A. Stewart and Jeannette R. Gatchell

Japan’s female future

Demographic realities and the growing number of women in higher education are changing the male-dominated management structures of Japan Inc.
by Bill Emmott
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The wisdom of The Old Wives’ Tale

A 1908 novel about the fate of two sisters in Victorian England has a great deal to teach us about the challenges women face in the business world.
by Daniel Akst


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The silver lining of an aging population

Economists often warn that an abundance of elders will be problematic for the economy. But new research shows that such a demographic shift could be a good thing.
by Matt Palmquist

How to pick technology winners

Some of today’s innovations will become as prevalent as smartphones. Others, such as jet packs, won’t take off. Three factors can help you tell which are likely to succeed.
by Peter Schwartz

Power strategies

The largest utilities around the globe are placing their bets on winning strategies and capabilities.
by Thomas Flaherty, Paul Nillesen, and Mark Coughlin

You can’t benchmark culture

Your company’s ideal behavioral strengths are unique, and shouldn’t be borrowed or copied — not even from a high-performance enterprise.
by Jon Katzenbach and Alice Zhou

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